Was Physical Buying a Major Factor in Gold and Silver’s Recent Price Increase?

goldWas physical gold and silver retail buying a major factor in the recent huge rally in gold and silver prices?

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Submitted by Smaulgld:

Silver Sales

American Silver Eagle Sales

American Silver Eagle sales jan- july 2016

american silver eagle sales 1986-2016 through June

2016 American Eagle sales through June 2016 are already higher than entire year mintages from 1986-2008.

American Silver Eagle Premiums

silver premiums july 11 2016

Silver ETF

Silver ETF july 8 2016

Silver Open Interest

silver open interest july 2016

Silver In COMEX Warehouses

comex warehouse silver july 8

Gold Sales

American Gold Eagle Sales

American gold eagle sales 1986-2016 june

Sales of American Gold Eagle coins in 2016 are on their fastest pace since 2013.

Gold ETFs

gold etf july 8 2016

Gold Open Interest

gold open interest July 2016

Gold in COMEX Warehouses

Comex warehouse gold july 8 2016

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