Was Bix Weir Right? Alan Greenspan Calls for Return to the Gold Standard!

return kingAlan Greenspan just called for a Return to the Gold Standard!?!

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From Bix Weir, Road to Roota
I guess all my doubters can walk away with their heads hung low now that Greenspan is officially calling for a return to the REAL (pre-1913) Gold Standard!!
Alan Greenspan Calls for Return to Gold Standard
Mr Greenspan said in the interview that while he wouldn’t critique the current policies of the Fed, he said a return to how monetary policy was done more than a century ago — fixing the value of the dollar to a given amount of goldwould be a great thing.
If we went back on the gold standard and adhered to the actual structure of the gold standard” as it was before 1913 “we’d be fine,” he said. “I’m known as a gold bug and everyone laughs at me,” he said. Mr Greenspan asked “why do central banks continue to own gold” if it isn’t important?

Yes, a REAL Gold Standard. Not the twisted Gold Standards that were devised after 1913. The real thing with banks redeeming gold coins 1 for 1 in gold backed dollars with a stringent weights and measures system that was predominant prior to the invention of the Federal Reserve System.
The following presentation explains EVERYTHING that has transpired in the last 100 years in Economic and Monetary Policy. This hidden agenda has totally and completely run our lives for over the past 100 years and ultimately distorted our understanding of WHY the world ended up the way it is today.
Discovering the Road to Roota by Bix Weir
This presentation is now closing in on 8,000 views (even though they are being suppressed by YouTube) but with the news of Greenspan saying EXACTLY what I said trying to do I am hoping it will go viral over the next few weeks/months as the collapse progresses.
We all need to know the TRUTH before we move forward.
It is all happening my friends so lock in those seat belts as one domino falls after the other around the world until it ALL falls down.
May the Road you choose be the Right Road.