WARNING: Period of Political Turmoil Ahead Will Resemble the FRENCH REVOLUTION

guillotine-bankersDollarCollapse’s John Rubino Joins Us To Break Down the Political & Market Impacts of Trump’s Stunning Win. 

Rubino Presents A TERRIFYING Scenario:
But This Is Paradise for Precious Metals…


Rubino Warns $1 TRILLION In Infrastructure Spending Will Cause Interest Rates To Spike, Which Will BLOW UP the Financial System

We DODGED A BULLET! Hillary’s NeoCons Were Planning A Putin Regime Change! 

It’s Time to Buy Gold: Rubino Explains Why He’s Stepping Up His Own Gold and Silver Buying

A Geo-Political Earthquake On the Level of 9/11 – Why Trump Will MASSIVELY Improve US/Russia Relations

This Could Be the Catalyst that Sends Gold to $10,000 and Silver to $100

Once This Thing Gets Going, Rubino Thinks Many Mining Stocks Are A 10 Bagger From Here

Trump Considering Jamie Dimon Or Goldman Bankster For Treasury Secretary! – So Much For the Outsider Candidate

Market is Pricing in Tax Cuts & Massive Infrastructure Spend: We’re Going to the Same Thing As China – But Start From A Point of RECORD DEBT!

Interest Rates Will Spike, Which Will BLOW UP the Financial System – We Should Be TERRIFIED

If Rates Jump to Historical Average of 6%, the Whole World BLOWS UP!

Rubino Closes With A Warning: The Period of Political Turmoil Ahead of Us Will Resemble the French Revolution

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