Want to Know What’s in Fort Knox? Here’s The Bar List

Thanks to a tip from an SD reader, we have discovered the US’ official bar list of “Deep Storage Gold”  held at Fort Knox, Denver, and West Point, buried in a PDF file on the House Financial Services website.
Updated on Sept 30th, 2010, the document provides a full bar inventory including total bars, weights, and fineness of the US Deep Storage Gold reserves.  

For all those inquiring minds wondering how much if any of the US’ gold reserve remains, the official US Deep Storage Gold bar list is below:


1 oz RCM Call of the Wild Gold Howling Wolf 


Gold Reserves


Fort Knox gold

Full PDF document including West Point and Denver Deep Storage Gold can be found here:


We find it interesting that the official US Deep Storage Gold Document was published in 2010, less than a year after Rob Kirby provided evidence that the US gov’t had swapped the gold held at Fort Knox with tungsten salted gold.


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