US Mint AP Warns Silver Eagles Likely to Stay in Allocation For the Foreseeable Future

Buy Silver coins at SDBullionWith the Financial System in Chaos, TFMetals’ Craig Hemke Joins the Show to Break Down All the Action, Discussing: 

    • US Mint AP Warns 2016 Silver Eagles Likely to Remain in Allocation INDEFINITELY:
      “The allocation from the US Mint which we received today was smaller than we expected….
      I believe it’s now likely that the Mint will stay in allocation for Silver Eagles for the foreseeable future.  Perhaps throughout the entire quarter.”
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  • Currency Wars: Commodities Currencies in Free-Fall, China to Turn Around Gold Prices With Yuan Devaluation?
  • Craig Explains Why Cartel Are Capping Gold & Silver Prices at Critical Moving Averages
  • STRONG Physical Demand for Gold, Silver & Platinum as Financial Crisis Apparently Underway2016 Platinum Maples Sell Out in 10 Minutes!

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Super Mario Responds To Bankers’ SOS

“The end of the Great Keynesian Experiment is upon us,” as’s Craig Hemke is fond of saying.  We don’t know how long this road is going to extend, but the road does indeed have an end – a transition.

For much of this year, the markets have been going bonkers.  Welcome to 2016, the year when everyone and their dog will come to recognize that 2015 marked the birth of both the next great bear market and U.S. recession.  When I compare timelines to previous bursting bubbles, I can’t shake how August, 2015 reminds me of March, 2000.  The NASDAQ topped in March, 2000, but it took a long time before people recognized what was happening – over a year, for some people.

Through the 1990s and early 2000s I was at the heart of the technology bubble.  I saw it up close and personal as a “buy-side” analyst that advised some of the biggest technology fund managers in the world.  You know what surprised me the most about that experience?  About a third of these people were brilliant and really understood technology.  But two-thirds asked questions that clearly indicated their ignorance was downright injurious to their shareholders’ wealth.

That experience was quite a wake-up call, a realization that there was a whole hell of a lot of “dumb money” in the system, and it wasn’t just a problem with Western retail investors chasing companies with sock puppets selling pet food online.  But as is usually the case, retail investors were, generally speaking, the last to wake up.

For about three years going into the apex of the great technology bubble, I ran a technology model portfolio for Microsoft (“Tech Stalker”) on MSN Money.  That armed me what was, in effect, one of the greatest sentiment barometers anywhere.  Tens of millions of people interacted with that portfolio module and the feedback coming my way was like trying to drink from a fire-hose.  I can say in no uncertain terms:  Western retail investors went absolutely insane in the NASDAQ Bubble.  The fact that retail investors are not the primary driver for the current busting bubble will have implications for how the current bear unfolds, a topic we’ll address in upcoming shows.

MSCI all country index

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise…

The MCSI All Country index was about to send a sustained and official bear market signal with its 20% decline.  Can’t have any of that, now can we?  It would spoil the party at Davos.  Never fear.  Super Mario is here.  He’s got his “game face” on and he’s ready (hey, market, don’t forget) to do “whatever it takes.”

Want to know what was the final straw that motivated the U.S. government to assassinate MLK, Jr.?  For that and more, for your weekend perusal:

Have a great weekend – Eric Dubin, managing editor, The News Doctors