OUT OF SIGHT: Gold & Silver Curiously Missing As US Deep State & Globalists Throw A Chaos Party

SD Friday Wrap: Have gold & silver been unfriended, or is there something much worse going on, like chains and torture in a dark, damp basement? 





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Editor’s Note: This post is subjective opinion, and you will get offended, so it’s probably best to just hit the back button right now and not read this post at all.


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Not one thing.

That’s what I’m saying.

Because you know what they say?

If you do not have anything nice to say.

Then do not say anything at all.

So I’m zipping my lips.

I ain’t sayin’ nothin’.

Not even a peep.

Don’t speak.

At all.


Like that.

That’s how it is.

I sit here dazed again.

This time from all the vomiting.

This week it was induced by the Fed.

First things first, however, because this is important.

This next point cannot be stated enough, so please read it twice –

Our problems do not stem from only the Fed and the central banks.

People are quick to only lay the blame on the central bankers.

Yet evil people are not born out of asexual reproduction.

Perhaps you’ve heard it takes two to flamenco?

The bankers are only half of the problem.

The other half is the government.

It really is a very sick orgy.

I can’t stomach it at all.

For now, the Fed.

In the chute.

They are.

It is.

The Fed has been in the news all week long, starting with a Sunday evening 60 Minutes prime-time television interview.

That interview has now been dubbed “the three Fed stooges”, though I think that label lets the Fed off too easy.

From Monday on, it has been “the Fed this” or “the Fed that”, and quite frankly, it’s rather mentally draining.

It really ain’t easy listening to the nasty yapping of disgusting pie holes without your head exploding.

I have only justifiably bad things to say about any of the Fed’s words & actions, so I say nothing.

That said, I do have an “open letter to the Fed” that’s percolating in the back of my mind.

It’s damning, and I’m certain its writing will be like self-induced, gut-wrenching torture.

So I’m just going to let it sit and percolate, little by little, in the back of my mind.

Suffice to say, the Fed has shown its cards, yet gold & silver don’t respond.

But a flailing Federal Reserve is not the only contributor to the chaos.

This week’s been full of chaos, as if chaos has thrown a party.

Venezuela got invited, but they really did not have a choice.

Those poor folks are going, whether they like it or not.

The Washington DC Swamp is at the chaos party.

A plane crashed en-route to the chaos party.

And there are micro-parties within parties.

Like the micro-party in New Zealand.

Yet with everything going on.

From geo-political chaos.

To DC political chaos.

Economic chaos.

Market chaos.


Not silver.

Or gold.


The chaos party has really gotten started, and if this world were either normal or sane, gold & silver would be the life of the party.


But they’re not.

Nor that of the world.

World’s gone full FUBAR.

Gold & silver ain’t at the party.

So where could gold & silver be?

I’ll tell you, for I know where they are.

They’re chained to a wall in the basement.

Held against their will, raped, sodomized and tortured.

Over and over, gold & silver are used and abused to no end.

There is this funny characteristic about chains, however.

And those who don’t know this will know it real soon.

The chain is hardened, and yes, it is taking years.

Eventually, however, the chain’ll surely snap.

And it will not snap gracefully or quietly.

When that chain snaps, look out!

Gold & silver will rush upstairs.

And crash the chaos party.

But for now, well, yeah.

Those damn chains.

Working for now.

It’s temporary.

The party?



The gold-to-silver ratio has become even more extreme in the last two days:

However, once the truth comes out about how scarce silver actually is, the GSR will make Bitcoin’s crash look like a dip.

Sure, gold is up slightly this week, and is (as of 1:00 p.m. EST on Friday) above $1300:


The question is how long will it take for gold to snap-back once the cartel smashes the yellow metal below its major moving averages?

It looks like silver will answer that question before gold will:

While I do think silver will hold the line at $15, I’m not very optimistic right now.

Speaking of holding the line at 15:

Palladium is building some solid support at the psychologically important whole number, $1,500.

Platinum is ready to paint a golden cross on its daily chart:


While the choppy price action is in fact ugly, platinum is still up on the week.

Copper is still building a strong base at $2.90:

Though the textbook says we need to come down to test support at $2.80.

Crude oil’s daily price ranges have been pretty tight:

Though it looks like we’re setting up to break-out above $60, possibly even next week.

At this point, the stock market is worse than a total sham:

The market manipulators are truly spitting in our faces us as they walk by us, and they’re quite literally laughing at us all the way to the bank, and it kinda makes me feel, um, what is that word, uh, nevermind, because I almost had something not nice to say.

Of course, force was totally unnecessary, but they shot VIX in the face again:

It could very well be that the hardest part about all of this is, even if there are two or three people in this world who actually do give a shit about how the government and the Fed are inflicting serious economic and financial hardship, misery and suffering on the people, nobody has the balls to do anything about it?

King Dollar seemingly doesn’t want to let go of its perverted grip on power:

In my opinion, the Deep State/globalists won’t just slowly loosen the dollar’s grip on power, so instead, the dollar will simply be taken behind the woodshed and shot in the face, but unlike VIX, the dollar ain’t gettin’ shot with no dang tranquilizer dart, but rather, it’s .50 cal, the rifle’s magazine fed, it has got a sweet rail with a freakin’ red-dot sight, and oh yeah, the cartridge has been sprinkled with the ashen remains of Willie Pete, you know, because why would you not shoot the king in the face behind the woodshed without having the visual pleasure of enjoying, if for only a split second, tiny bits of face melting-down in mid-air right after the head explodes?

The bond market has been setting-up for the bottom to fall out on yield:

We need crisis so the govt & Fed can screw us over even more come to our rescue.

Look: I’m mentally drained, and frankly, I’ve been out of it for a couple weeks.

Still, it is very important to not lose sight of the big picture in all of this.

That big picture is that the US & global chaos party is in full swing.

It will end very badly, and likely much quicker than people think.

Gold & silver are more important now than, well, maybe ever.

So we can’t lose sight of the big picture in gold & silver.

For just like with airplanes falling from the sky.

Nobody will be getting a second chance.

People either know that, or they don’t.

If they know it, they must act on it.

If they don’t act on it, well then.

People must pick their sides.

For when the chains snap.

It will be a total wrath.

Like never before.

I picked a side.

With silver.

And gold.


Stack accordingly…

– Half Dollar


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U.S. Army Iraq War Combat Veteran Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart has an AS in Information Systems and Security from Western Technical College and a BA in Spanish from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Paul dived into gold & silver in 2009 as a natural progression from the prepper community. He is self-studied in the field of economics, an active amateur trader, and a Silver Bug at heart.

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