Unprecedented COMEX Physical Gold Delivery Orders

With the COMEX continually under attack for their fractionally held physical bullion stocks, the battle between paper and physical comes to a head…

Samuel Briggs via Kinesis

Andrew Maguire shares word of tonnes of physical gold set for COMEX Gold Futures delivery.

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In this week’s breakdown of the gold and silver markets, Andrew Maguire explores the unprecedented physical bullion requests for November and December COMEX Gold Futures delivery.

Insiders fail to offset physical delivery demands

According to Andrew Maguire, insiders were on the attack last Friday, as the New York pit opened into vapour thin US market conditions. As market making insiders scrambled to offset massive overhanging November physical gold delivery obligations.

However, Andrew Maguire believes the overplayed move only went some way to offset the massive overshoot of physical gold bullion buy interest.

November Contracts

Andrew Maguire reports a total of 34.7 tonnes of COMEX November delivery requests had to be physically delivered this Monday. With trading houses rationed for physical supply at current low paper-driven prices, locking in the significant tonnage at a $3 – $5 discount to spot price.

The long-time wholesaler reports that Barclays Bank took 17.4 tonnes of the 34.7 tonnes requested, with another known client securing 4.7 tonnes. These physical deliveries taken in November, follow on from the remarkable 108 tonnes sought for delivery in the typically uneventful October contract.

December Contracts

The flow of physical taken for COMEX Gold Futures delivery shows no sign of halting over the festive period, according to Andrew Maguire.

Andrew Maguire reports that December deliveries have already commenced, representing 44 tonnes demanded for delivery, as of Wednesday. The remaining open interest in Gold Futures represents another 63 tonnes standing for delivery. Andrew Maguire estimates that at least another 30 tonnes will flow out before the last delivery date for December on New Year’s Eve.

With the COMEX continually under attack for their fractionally held physical bullion stocks, Andrew Maguire believes “the physical paper battle has finally come to a head.”

Andrew Maguire’s parting thought:

Unless insiders allow the gold and silver price to rise, these COMEX delivery demands are not going anywhere.

Next Episode: Andrew Maguire carries out another detailed round-up of the gold and silver markets.

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