Unlike Money Printing, Gold Requires Productive Effort To Extract

Gold is a ‘must have’ insurance policy. Here’s why…

Brian Leni interviewed by SBTV

SBTV speaks with Brian Leni, founder of Junior Stock Review, about why gold is a must have insurance, the challenges with mining gold and also why he is bullish on nickel in the coming years.

Discussed in this interview:

02:58 Gold is a ‘must have’ insurance policy.

08:21 Mining gold from the ground vs money printing

10:11 How long it takes extract gold – from discovery to production

13:14 Reasons to be bullish on nickel

19:58 Nickel supply constriction – recipe for higher prices

21:56 Will nickel prices bifurcate into class I and class II?

23:02 Electric vehicles are the future

27:24 Ways to invest in nickel