Ukraine Crisis Reaches A New Flash Point

This is the most serious, international crisis of my lifetime…probably your lifetime, too…and things are rapidly moving from bad to worse.


Submitted by Craig Hemke, TFMetals Report

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Events in recent days have brought the situation in Ukraine to a new danger point. Things could get dicey very quickly now that the government in Kiev has denied Russia access to resupply their troops and bases in Transnistria. What the hell is “Transnistria”, you ask? I’m afraid that, before the end of June, you’ll know very well what and where Transnistria is.

Officially, Transnistria is “a breakaway state located mostly on a strip of land between the River Dniester and the eastern Moldovan border with Ukraine“. It even has its own Wikipedia page:

On a map, you can find it as a small strip of land between Moldova and Ukraine. See below:

Since the fall of the Soviet Union, Russia has maintained a military presence there. This includes at least two motorized rifle battalions which guard military supply depots holding enough material to arm/supply a full division. There are also up to 150,000 Russian citizens living in Transnistria. For more background, please see this very informative post from the Fort Russ blogspot site:

And here’s the problem. Back on Monday, the government in Kiev decided to cancel all treaties with Russia pertaining to Transnistria. ( This means that no longer will Russian supplies be able to cross through Ukraine to get to Transnistria. Since, the other side of Transnistria borders Moldova…a sworn enemy of Russia…supplies can’t come in through the west, either. This leaves Transnistria, and the thousands of Russian troops and citizens there, thoroughly isolated.

What will be Russia’s response to this unnecessary escalation? Will they begin a “Transnistria Airlift”? If so, what will Ukraine do? What will happen if Kiev attempts to shoot down one these Russian planes?

This is all very concerning and you need to be paying close attention to these events. Last night, John and Steve discussed Transnistria in the 3rd segment of their show, beginning at about the 19 minute mark. PLEASE BE CERTAIN THAT YOU LISTEN.

Additionally, though, this entire program is a MUST LISTEN. In the first half, John and Steve discuss Secretariat Kerry’s failed attempt at detente in Sochi back in April. Why was Kerry allowed to go to Sochi is he was only going to be contradicted and ostracized immediately following the meetings with Lavrov and Putin? And where the heck is Kerry now? Does he really have a “broken leg”? That sure seems like a convenient excuse to sideline and marginalize him as The War Party reasserts control.

Anyway, I think you can tell that I am very, very concerned about all of this…more so than at any other time since we began covering these events in February of 2014. Please pay attention to the headlines and please be prepared for anything. This is the most serious, international crisis of my lifetime…probably your lifetime, too…and things are rapidly moving from bad to worse.