Tyrannical, Fascist, Rogues – Presenting Your Social Security Department

The Federal Reserve and, by default, the IRS are nothing more than rogue, criminal enterprises operating under the cover the Federal government.


Submitted by Rory Hall, The Daily Coin

If you haven’t seen this clip you should do yourself a favor and spend the 2 short minutes to watch. CBS News explains how criminal our system has become, in an actual news article from the mainstream media! Will the masses understand this very simple fact? Most will miss the point completely, but if you are paying attention it becomes very clear, very quickly. The criminals have become desperate and have begun stealing at every turn.

Family member owe taxes? Well, the IRS, which in effect acts like the “police department” for the Federal Reserve, will be happy to steal your tax refund if one of your relatives owes back taxes. No, not police? Well, then why do they show up in bullet proof vest, 9mm pistols and automatic rifles–not semi-automatic, fully automatic. Sounds a lot like “police” to me. What is their role? Steal the money the Federal Reserve orders them to steal from you. Please remember, there is not one single federal law supporting a federal income tax–not one. If there is please leave the details, along with a link, in the comment section. I can assure there is not a single federal law supporting federal income taxes for individuals.

Allow one of the victims to tell you herself

But to Social Security she’s been an outlaw — not because she did anything wrong — but because her father was overpaid more than $13,000 in disability. Grant grew outraged when Social Security seized her $1,500 tax refund without warning or any evidence against her.

“I would describe it as a theft,” she said. “I’m asking for a bill. I’m asking for something that says I owe you. I feel like you guys stole from me and I have nothing to show for it.”

One of the victims asks, “I’m asking for a bill. I’m asking for something that says I owe you.” The last time someone ask you to pay for something weren’t you offered an invoice or a statement explaining what the transaction covered? Why wouldn’t the IRS, the police department of the Federal Reserve ( a private, offshore corporation), produce an invoice showing these people owe the money? Because they can not! The IRS can not produce something that doesn’t exist. If they were to produce any form of documentation that showed these people owed a payment, the game would end. The flood gate would open and the ponzi would explode as the IRS would be exposed to lawsuits and court proceedings and once that happened–only once–the volume of people that would DEMAND the same would make it impossible for anyone to ignore.

The Federal Reserve and, by default, the IRS are nothing more than rogue, criminal enterprises operating under the cover the Federal government.

…Social Security admitted it had overpaid Jessica’s mother, not her.

“I’ve told them ’til I’m blue in the face, I was a minor, I was learning to ride a bike during that time.”

But now she’s a Navy veteran, and describing herself as defenseless. “Against your own government.”

If the Social Security department is taking orders from the IRS, and by default the Federal Reserve, what does that say about the security of the money that has been taken from you for your later years? There is no security. These criminal cabals are running rough-shod through our economy. Remember it was the Federal Reserve that DEMANDED we pay for the banks in 2008 to save the financial world. Through a series of secretive, private meetings a handful of “too big to jail” banks, along with Ben Bernanke, then Chairman of the Federal Reserve, met to determine how the scheme would be presented to the American fools, I mean citizens.

In January the agency told Congress: “We did not…[collect] any…debt that was incurred by a parent or another family member.”

“It’s a flat lie,” Vela said. “It’s an absolute, bold-faced lie.”

The Federal Reserve stated in 2012 that the go-forward model as a stop gap measure to the system crashing would be to use the Cyprus Model. Not familiar with the Cyprus Model? Well, read this for the down-and-dirty version of what it is and how you will be affected.

What does this have to do with the Social Security stealing these peoples money and confiscating their families IRS tax refunds? Good question. Everything. The fact of the matter is these criminals are sending out “smoke signals” to test the waters. How far can they push? How much can they steal without people standing up? At what point will they stand up?

Is anyone standing up? Is anyone prepared to fly their gyrocopter to the White House and land on the lawn? Is anyone prepared to end their life in front of the White House to make a statement about austerity in America?

While I am very grateful that CBS actually presented some facts about the criminality of the fascist government, we need to have this type of story, everyday, on the mainstream media in order to make a real change. The people are so dumbed down at this point it is beyond comprehension. If you break a persons legs and then blame them for not walking, who’s fault it is they are not able to walk?