Two Detained In Airport After Smuggling Gold Into Country

Staggering amount of gold, painstakingly detailed camouflage and hiding spots, and it almost made it through…


We have covered the ongoing collapse of India for some time, and most recently here and here.

Now we take a different approach with this breaking news from the Times of India.

NEW DELHI: Gold weighing nearly 1.5 kg was seized at IGI airport on Thursday by the customs department in two separate cases. The gold was found concealed in the form of gold wires and gold sticks.

“The gold springs were meticulously concealed to look as part of the scooter and was in the form of springs. The total weight of the gold found was 1kg, valued around Rs 26.79 lakh. Both are being questioned to check if a similar modus operandi had been used before,” said a customs official.

 In another case, CISF personnel at the domestic security hold area detected gold weighing nearly 450gm, which was concealed in a thermos flask in the form of 93 small sticks, officials said.
 In the first case, officials intercepted two male passengers — both 32-year-old — arriving from Bangkok were intercepted after they crossed the green channel.
Both the accused were Custom officials say both passengers were carrying kick scooters for kids in their luggage and a detailed search revealed four gold springs, which were concealed in the hollow handles of these scooters.