Pick One: Honest Money (Gold Standard) or TOTAL ENSLAVEMENT OF HUMANITY (By The Globalists)

We have two choices. It looks like a simple choice, but the Globalists are trying their hardest to make sure we don’t choose gold. Here’s more…

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Alex Newman interviewed by Greg Hunter on USA Watchdog

Could America end up with a new currency? Journalist Alex Newman says, “I think there are two competing forces here. Trump and Pence have both praised the gold standard. They have both publicly said the gold standard would be awesome. Trump has acknowledged that it would be difficult to go back to it, but it would be great. We would have a real economy with money that is based on something real. . . . Then on the other hand, you have the Globalists. I did a cover story on this in 2008 and the effort to move us to a global currency. . . . There is a very real risk that if they manage to collapse the economy, and I do believe they could do this, they then would come out and say we’ll save you. We’ll make sure your grocery stores have food in them again. All you have to do is accept this new global currency called an SDR. . . . So, we have two competing ideas. One that would install an honest money system, and one that would enslave humanity. We have to hope and pray that the good one wins out.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with journalist Alex Newman from The New American Magazine.

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