Turkey Now Risking All-Out War with Russia to Protect ISIS

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Submitted by The Wealth Watchman

In the roughly 9 weeks that Russia has been pulverizing ISIS/Daesh/Al-Qaeda/Al-Nusra into tiny bits, so much good has been accomplished already. Russian air support has done such a thorough job of smashing ISIS’s supply lines, IED factories, munitions depots, & infrastructure…that Assad’s Syrian Army(plus Hezbollah) had made significant territorial gains in just weeks. In fact they’re now threatening to retake Aleppo itself! Let’s be clear: when Assad takes back Aleppo, the country will be, for all intents and purposes, firmly under his control again.

For Putin, that wasn’t enough though. He and the Kremlin had known for years who really controlled ISIS, and more importantly how they were funding that organization, and he decided the time was finally right to strike at the heart of their operations in Syria, once and for all.

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Putin hits ISIS where it hurts: Russia hits more than 200 targets in 24 hours as Moscow aims to cut off jihadists’ income by taking out refinery and oil trucks

Yes, the Russian Air Force finally launched aggressive strikes against enormous convoys of ISIS oil trucks, as well as several oil refineries used to convert the raw crude into usable product. They launched the attacks without warning, and often, in the middle of the night.  Even the drivers were all cooked inside the trucks they drove.

Putin and Russia understand the ruthless nature of ISIS and those who aid them, and have decided there will be no quarter for anyone helping or fighting for their terrorist enclave.

Now, brothers, in case you were wondering:

“If hitting ISIS oil operations and their war chest was so easy….why the hell didn’t the US Air Force do this at the very beginning?”

Why, indeed!

Well, let me help you there.  Barack’s lapdog told those listening, when asked the same question, that the reason the US never went after ISIS oil refineries was due to environmental concerns! Truly, he said these utterly moronic words!

DC actually expects us to sit with a straight face, and believe them when they say:

“We really wanted to strike ISIS oil revenues, honest, but ‘muh environment’!”

Traitors, every one of them. Knowingly funding and aiding ISIS, and refusing to do the one thing they knew which would easily end them….is an act of wanton treason.

Russia’s attacks were deadly effective, and the first crucial step in making sure that ISIS will no longer have the capability to fight back, or regain lost territory.

These attacks were the beginning of the end for ISIS in Syria.

Ah, and therein lies the problem for their bankster allies: Russia has now threatened to end ISIS so quickly, that it forced the hand of some hidden ISIS allies to finally show their true colors to the entire world.

The globalist friends of ISIS were running out of time, they had to do something fast…So they did.

Stab in the Back

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On November 24th, Turkey as you know, crossed the Rubicon, and ordered the downing of a Russian military jet.This was an act of war.  Turkey claims that while bombing terrorist positions, that the Russian Su24 had crossed briefly into Turkish airspace.  Now, Moscow has provided its own detailed flight-plan of the doomed jet, demonstrating that the plane did not venture into Turkish airspace, but that is secondary, it doesn’t matter….

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The reality is that Turkey had crossed into Greek airspace over 2,200 times in 2014, without Greeks ever firing a shot at Turkish jets.  Russia has the moral high ground & imperative to help stabilize Syria and wreck ISIS, so why on earth would Turkey intervene on behalf of ISIS?

Thankfully, a furious Putin(having already fired 90,000 Turks working in Russian corporations, moved S400 missile systems into Latakia, moved a destroyer just off the Syrian coast, and armed Russian jets with air-to-air missiles)…decided to throw down the information gauntlet, and reveal to the whole world what Turkey had truly been up to….

The Turkic/ISIS Bromance

This man below, it’s been discovered is neck-deep in smuggling & buying ISIS oil, and shipping it in tankers to other parts of the world(including countries in far east Asia). The problem is…Turkey 5

He’s the Turkish President’s own son!


By the way, if you think this has been done without his father’s knowledge or consent, you have another thing coming…

I mean, can you imagine, if Putin had revealed to the world that the mastermind behind ISIS’ oil operations smuggling……had been Barack Obama’s 17 year-old daughter, Malia?

Turkey 6

What ghost-of-a-chance, do you think she’d have of pulling off that operation without literally everyone in the US regime knowing about it(and actively helping her)?


Putin, by the way, didn’t just accuse the Turkish President’s family, he provided detailed evidence: including maps, satellite imaging, and freaking videos of ISIS oil trucks breezing through Turkish border checks without even being asked to stop!

This video below is footage of ISIS oil trucks moving freely between ISIS-held territory, and Turkey.

There are dozens more videos like this one, revealing the pinpointed routes the drivers like to take, how Turkish armed forces are nearby(yet do nothing), etc…

Here’s the entire route, mapped out, in how ISIS gets its oil through Turkey and out to Mediterranean tankers(owned and operated by Bilal Erdogan & his partners).

Turkey 7


Now the whole world knows the truth about ISIS: this is a criminal terrorist ring which goes all the way to top of the heads of state in most Middle Eastern oil powers(and the UK, the US, and Israel as well).

I’ve warned that Russia wouldn’t simply be fighting ISIS in Syria, but its creators, ultimately as well.

I warned you all that Turkey/Qatar/US/Israel had helped arm, train, and fund ISIS to overturn Assad.

I warned that Russian involvement would out the real bad guys behind ISIS(since ISIS could never survive on its own)…

And I warned that ISIS was a US creation, and that Russia was now forcing DC to kill in its infancy…

Now we see that those warnings were 100% accurate: ISIS has only survived this long by directly trading crude oil with its sponsors, which include Turkey.

As if that wasn’t enough…now the war is threatening to jump the shark, and graduate from a proxy war between Russia and Turkey to something much more deadly…

Turkey Invades Iraq

Turkey, having already been called out for its firing upon Russian jets…having already been revealed by Putin as the regional ring-leader of ISIS, and having already lost billions in oil trade due to Russia’s destroying their truck convoys…has decided that since the game’s afoot, they might as well go “all in”…

For it is now reported that Turkey has sent armed forces across the Iraqi border, in what is perhaps a desperate bid to defend what few, safe oil-smuggling routes are left!  Think about it, with the northern Syrian border now under a very heavy bombardment of Russia, and under their watchful gaze…the only key remaining ISIS oil routes are through Iraq, as this graphic shows:

Turkey 7

Now, in times past, Turkish forces have crossed the Iraqi border, on several occasions to pursue militants.  However, this statement from the Iraqi PM Haider al-Abadi(via zerohedge), seems to indicate that on this incursion, the Turkish government has not gotten Iraqi permission to be there:

“It has been confirmed to us that Turkish troops numbering around one regiment armoured with tanks and artillery entered the Iraqi territory, and specifically the province of Nineveh claim that they are training Iraqi groups without the request or authorization from the Iraqi federal authorities and this is considered a serious breach of Iraqi sovereignty and does not conform with the good neighbourly relations between Iraq and Turkey.

The Iraqi authorities call on Turkey to respect good neighbourly relations and to withdraw immediately from the Iraqi territory.”

Uh oh.  This border crossing of 150 Turkish troops, and 25 tanks, could be nothing…or it could be a catalyst which will lead to further escalation between Turkey and Russia, leading this full-on proxy war to an actual war.

Iraq, by the way, is now actively looking to Russia for assistance in taking care of this Turkish incursion into its lands.  Iraqi’s Parliament head, Hakim al-Zamili, has now declared that Iraq’s government:

“May soon ask Russia for direct military intervention in response to the Turkish invasion and the violation of Iraqi sovereignty.”

Remember: Russia has built an alliance between itself, Syria, Iraq, and Iran in the Middle East, in dealing with ISIS.  Iraq’s government, having already been raped by the US empire for the last 30 years…is done with the US government, and now prefers Russia’s partnership within its lands.

If ISIS’s oil revenues are truly on the ropes, then ISIS itself is almost spent, and Turkey’s great gamble is about to go up in flames.

This could very well lead to Turkey’s deliberate invasion of Iraq to secure future oil-smuggling shipments.

Which would lead to Russia’s response, on behalf of Iraq, to stop the flow of ISIS funds…

Which would lead to NATO’s & DC’s response(ironically to defend ISIS)…

Do you see where this is going?


Turkey’s President and 1st family are a literal mafia.  They pull off bombings to blame the PKK Kurds.  They actively protect, fund, and trade with the Islamic State. They shoot down the planes of those who are attempting to cleanse the world of ISIS, and now…in the last, great hypocritical act…

The same country which killed a Russian pilot for “border violations”, is now violating Iraq’s border with dozens of tanks and hundreds of troops!

The icing on the cake is that…

This is the country that Brussels wants to immediately bring in as an EU member state!

This is a highly dangerous situation, and though Putin knows precisely how far he’s been able to go in the past, without giving his enemies a casus belli, he may be forced to respond to Turkish aggression if Turkey does not back down.

The real question though, which no one is asking is how this new Turkish/Russian flare-up affect Turkey’s application for membership into the Shanghai Cooperation Organization(SCO)?

Remember?  Turkey has applied for membership, and is currently in the first stage of vetting, known as “Dialogue Partner” status.  How much do you wanna bet both the Kremlin and Beijing will tell Erdogan & Turkey to take a flying leap after these criminal acts?

I’d say, barring an instant repudiation of ISIS support & official apology from Ankara…Turkey’s great hope of joining the SCO is toast!

Furthermore, unless Turkey does a complete 180 right now, Turkey’s game-changing partnership with Russia, the “Turk-Stream” pipeline is now on the ropes as well.  Sad.  The Turk-Stream LNG pipeline would’ve bankrolled Turkey’s coffers(and made them the key swing state between East and West) for decades.

Turkey would be wise to cut their(sizeable) losses and run. There are bigger fish to fry here. They know that the US is the past…and that Eurasia is the future. There’s no reason to die on a tiny alter to a bygone power structure…

Besides, Turkey should recall how the last 5 wars against Russia went for them(Hint: not good!)…

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