The World Gold Council is not all bad because today they unwittingly let slip this little nugget of truth coming from the MSM which would otherwise have been buried and not indexed for search. Very bullish gold news indeed…

Thank’s World Gold Council for the Tip:

Originally By Jen Rogers on Yahoo Finance

Here are some of the best parts:

I bought gold for the first time this year. Not a gold ETF like GLD or a gold miner stock like Barrick (ABX), but actual physical gold. I had a limited budget, but wanted it as a diversification and a small hedge against the coming zombie apocalypse or market crash, take your pick.

Jim Rickards, noted gold bug and author of numerous books on gold, including “The New Case for Gold,” recommended I buy American Eagle Gold Bullion Coins. He likes Eagles because they come directly from the U.S. Mint, so there is good quality control and they are sold at a nice price point at just over $1,200 versus around $45,000 for a 1-kilo bar. Plus, Rickards notes they are “easier to spend or negotiate in a monetary crisis or social unrest emergency.” I was convinced.

Blasi’s advice for owning gold coins: Get a safe, have it secured to the ground and then put the coins away. As tempting as it may be, he doesn’t recommend handling the coins.

Both Blasi and Rickards are insistent that if you are looking to buy gold as an investment, stay away from numismatic, rare collector coins which cost more than the value of the underlying metal — and also steer clear of collector sets sold on late night TV. Remember, you’re an investor, not a collector.

Amazing. This is not a snipe, hit job, recommendation for paper gold, and the article really doesn’t have any subtle cues to raise flags that it a “gold bash” in “gold buy” clothing. This is actually a legit article, and as we know, if just a small percentage of the population begins to buy gold & silver, that would quickly overwhelm the supply and force price up because the number of people who actually own physical gold and silver is tiny. 

The only thing we find wrong with the article is that it did not see the light of day. This is not an accident, because as we know, the mainstream press, especially the mainstream financial press, can never, ever, ever say anything good about gold, unless it is combined with wrong information, misdirection, lies, propaganda, or a 3:1 or perhaps 4:1 counterbalance of bad to good. Thankfully, the WGC let the cat out of the bag because this one never came into view on the radar.

Jen Rogers is not some intern contributing proofreader, she is a major Yahoo Finance personality who gets frequent camera time:

And don’t let that pink blouse or Janet Yellen necklace fool you – She’s getting ready for the Zombie Apocalypse!