Trump To Cushion US From Economic Fall, US Military Recovering Large Amounts Of Stolen Gold

The bad guys won’t be able to keep their vast wealth that has been stolen out of the United States…

Wayne Jett interviewed by Greg Hunter of USA Watchdog

Federal Reserve watcher Wayne Jett wrote about the Fed, “The Fruits of Graft,” and says the bad guys are not going to be able to keep all the vast wealth that has been stolen out of the United States. Trump signed an Executive Order in December 2017 that allows the Treasury to freeze assets of people engaged in “human rights abuse and corruption.” Jett thinks this is a way to cushion the fall for the masses in turbulent political and economic times. Jett explains, “There has been a great deal of theft of gold at various levels. There has also been a great deal of fortunes built in such things as the drug trade and all of which relates to the corruption of the Executive Order you and I spoke about. It was signed in 2017 . . to declare a national emergency related to human trafficking and corruption. I think a great deal of wealth has been confiscated or at least frozen. . . . That wealth is frozen and subject to confiscation. . . . Our military has, I think, been used to recover large amounts of stolen gold. We have to wait and see how successful President Trump has been in making recovery of assets.”

Jett also says that basically President Trump is “not going to allow the bad guys to keep the wealth they stole.” This confiscated wealth will be used to help America recover.

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Wayne Jett, Attorney, Federal Reserve expert and author of the popular book “The Fruits of Graft.”