Tremendous Upside Potential: Gold Stocks Are Only Just Getting Started

Gold often goes through long periods of sideways action, and then it breaks-out fairly rapidly when…

Palisade Radio interviews John Newell

John discusses how historically gold will often go through long periods of sideways action and then breakout fairly rapidly once overhead resistance is overcome. Eventually, there is a waterfall decline, and then the cycle tends to repeat. Today there is little overhead resistance left in gold.

Hardly anyone is looking at this space, when many do the moves can be explosive. Many companies are far behind the gold price right now, and there is tremendous upside if you are selective and look at individual stories.

Time Stamp References:
0:40 – Historic patterns for gold.
4:25 – Strategies for playing juniors.
7:10 – Find good exploration stories.
12:10 – Finding the end of bull market.
14:20 – Favorite books and authors.
17:10 – Gold equities have to catch up to gold.