TraderStef On Operation Freedom w/Dr. Dave Janda January 3, 2019 Fake News in Gold

Dr. Dave welcomes TraderStef to the show for a break-down of all of the latest fundamental and technical news affecting the gold sector… 

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– Introduction by Dr. Janda
– Stock Market Gains vs. Gold 1999 thru 2018 and the MSM Presstitutes
– Misleading Technical Analysis by Cherry Picking Amateurs and Manipulation Trolls
– Golden Cross Bullish Signals vs. Time Frame & Market Dynamics
– Bear vs. Primary Bull Accumulation vs. Secular Bull Markets
– Fibonacci Math, Patterns, Technical Indicators such as Moving Averages
– “You cannot plan for what Mother Nature has in store” – Jim Sinclair
– Alan Greenspan’s view on Gold in 2018
– Central Banks Record Gold Purchases vs. a Barbaric Pet Rock Relic
– Sam Zell buys Gold for the first time on Supply Issues
– Mining Production at Peak Gold and the High Grading story
– Major Miners’ Mergers and Acquisition of Junior Proven Reserves

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