TraderStef Discusses Gold & Silver’s Saving Grace (And A Whole Lot More) With Dave Janda

In this robust discussion, TraderStef and Dr Janda explore a number of gold & silver topics including a gold backed dollar and a new world reserve currency…

by TraderStef of TradeStef interviewed by Dave Janda (connect with TraderStef via Twitter or at TraderStef’s website)

Live Broadcast on WAAM Talk 1600AM Michigan.

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– Introduction by Dr. Janda
– U.S. Bonds Market Interest Rates vs. Algos and Bond Vigilantes
– U.S. Economy & Emerging Market Debt Bomb
– Gold’s 5% yearly return since December 2015
– Gold & Silver retains your capital is their saving grace
– Gold & Silver value vs. Roman Denarius, Junk Silver, and 1950s Federal Reserve Notes
– Male dominated financial commentary and/or technical analysis in precious metals
– Commitments of Traders Report, Commercials (Bullion Banks) vs. Hedge Funds (Large Specs)
– Automated Trading Platforms, High Frequency Trading (HFT) platforms and Algorithms
– Stan Drukenmiller: algos have taken all the rhythm out of the market
– Technical Analysis brief on the Gold charts and the $1,210 potential Bear Trap
– Gold vs. Copper and the 50 Exponential Moving Average on the daily charts
– Global Currency Reset chatter from reliable sources
– U.S. Domestic Dollar backed by Gold and a new global reserve currency system
– Common sense prepping

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