Trader: We’re In Wave Two Of The Grand Supercycle Gold Bull (1998 – 2064)

West says gold is working on finishing up on wave C, and the next push tops out at $1523. Here’s the details…

by West of Westpacific Trend Trading



-We are in Wave 2 of the Grand Supercycle Gold Bull 1998 to 2064 -Gold has completed its A Wave; it is now working on finishing its B Wave.

Few understand that Gold Supercycles are incredible long, it will be ours kids that see gold top out in 2062.

-Let me also add that gold is going to $3000 and higher in 2020s, that will be the massive bullish W3. Inflation will be raging; commodities of all sorts will be shooting to the moon. We’ll be coming out to share that modeling another day.

-Note the Purple A ; B and now we are grinding up to the final C or just above a required 50% retrace for a Wave 2.

-This is the final 5th wave push and the next chart will highlight that ; the data calls for a top on July 16th at 1523.81


Closeup of the Final Wave 5 Into The High

Here it is the close up of this Wave 5 that has just begun.

-It looks like this W1 will follow and ABC pattern, and we are now in the B.

-We pullback into $1311 $ 1313, then head up to $1369.61 to complete W1 of 5, then we enter a corrective pattern to $1303.03

A few notes: you may wonder why there are lines coming into the chart and going out the other side?

This is technical data programmed into the chart, and it acts like an algorithm.

The bottom line is that it will be a traders market and full of profits both long and short.  We will see Gold above $5000, well above. Teach your kids as they can be the ones to profit come 2062.

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