Totally Normal Silver Dump & Pump is Back

*Update: Make that the totally normal silver dump, pump, and dump, as no sooner was this piece published than the cartel drove silver down nearly a dollar to $32.10!

Almost every day this week gold and silver have seen unusual price action dubbed by ZH the Totally Normal 2% Silver Dump & Pump.

The totally normal chart pattern just occurred again early in Thursday COMEX trading:

Tuesday’s 2% Dump & Pump:

Chart courtesy Bloomberg & Zerohedge

Today’s identical dump and pump:


Those who have identified what is likely the current cartel manipulation pattern and BTFD (Stack the Smack) have made a killing this week as every large silver dump has been met with a vertical gain.

Either China has massive buy orders in place and is literally buying every available ounce on every raid, or else cartel algos are attempting to gun longs stops, and immediately gun the new shorts stops, fleecing both spec longs and shorts in the span of 10 minutes.

And the subsequent dump, & pump deja vu back to back as silver is slammed nearly $1 down to $32.10, and is now going vertical again:

Must. Keep. Silver. Under. $32.50!