Thunder Road Report- Silver: The Best Asset Right Now in the World

myelchreestPaul Mylchreest has released the latest MUST READ Thunder Road Report titled Silver: Right Now (probably) the Best Asset in the World.
Mylchreest examines silver’s cyclical trends and charts, and suggests silver is ready to place new all-time nominal highs by this August.

For more than a century, the silver price has correlated most closely with a cycle based on the combination of two further statistically significant cycles in silver prices lasting 5.58 years and 31 years, respectively. The next peak in this combined cycle is forecast for July-August 2013, which would imply a new all-time high in the silver price in excess of US$50/oz(the current price is US$31.47/oz.). Having underperformed significantly from their most recent price relative peaks in 2011, the risk/reward trade-off for premier silver mining stocks, like Fresnillo (quoted in London) andPan American Silver (North America) looks favourable.

Myelchreest’s full MUST READ report on silver is below:

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Thunder Road Report -February 2013

Thunder Road Report -February 2013 by Turd Ferguson

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