Three To Five Year Ramp-Up: $25,000 Gold Coming

Expect gold to ramp up over the next three to five years, ultimately reaching parity with the stock market. Here’s why…

Pierre Lassonde on Palisades Gold Radio

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Pierre discusses how the dollar and a low-interest-rate environment are good for gold. Real interest rates have to remain low or the debt can’t be repaid. Effectively today, we have negative interest rates, and that is always good for gold.

When a reserve currency is strong, you don’t need gold, but when it is weak, gold becomes the anti-dollar. The U.S. is doing everything it can to devalue the currency, particularly against the Yen and Yuan.

Pierre expects the Dow to Gold ratio to once again reach parity. He compares the 1976 to 1980 cycle where gold went from 90 to 800, and we saw rampant inflation. Today’s situation is very similar, and that is why he expects gold to ramp up over the next three to five years.