This Is The Perfect Storm For Gold: The Price Could EASILY Hit $1500 THIS YEAR

Ronni Stoeferle says that we are in a perfect storm for gold, and his gold price target of $1500/oz could easily be hit this year. Here’s why…

Ronni Stoeferle interviewed on Palisade Radio

Ronald feels that we are in a perfect storm for gold as his inflation indicator began to rise this January. One should load up on inflation-sensitive currencies, mining equities, physical gold, and the commodity sector in general. The combination of monetary tightening and rising rates is going to lead to recessionary risks and the economic numbers show a dramatic cooling.

Time Stamp References:
1:40 – Perfect storm for gold is brewing.
3:00 – Recessionary risks are increasing.
3:40 – Federal Reserve monetary U-Turn.
5:30 – His long-term targets for gold.
6:50 – Central banks are buying.
7:30 – Institutional investors remain on the sidelines.
8:45 – Entering the second stage of the bull market.
10:30 – Recent gold and mining equities performance.
13:20 – Dedollarization is increasingly an important topic.
14:20 – US Dollar is rolling over.