banker treasonThis is the worst case scenario for these Bankers. The reality is there is something new on the horizon. A new financial system outside of the control of what George Herbert Walker Bush called the New World Order. It’s fragile, but it’s coming into existence. And this is what the Banksters fear more than anything else.”
From the SGTReport:

Harley Schlanger asks a very important question: “What will the United States do? Where we are under the same captivity of an austerity driven global Bankster domination. Will the American people recognize that the Greeks should be our allies, the BRICS nations should be our allies? Or will we continue to go along with this London-Wall Street DICTATORSHIP?”

As we document the collapse,  Harley reminds us that “after the collapseThere is very little that will remain standing. There’s an interconnection, it is a Domino effect.”

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