They HAVE TO Put Gold Back Into The Monetary System To Generate Confidence After The Crisis

Lynette Zang explains what we can expect as we transition from the fiat currency crisis to the next monetary system. Here’s the details…

Please note that when Lynette explains silver as a “secondary metal”, this is not accurate from an American perspective.

The U.S. Constitution does not distinguish between “primary” and “secondary”, but rather it simply requires both – a bi-metallic gold & silver standard, of which, the ratio (16:1) was established by the Coinage Act April 2, 1792 (which was the original definition of the U.S. dollar, and the different denominations of the dollar [$.10, $.50, $2.50, $5.00, etc], in terms of gold & silver, and that Act defined our money for more of U.S. history than it did not).

For additional information about gold, silver, and the U.S. government/Constitution, please read up on Article 1 Section 8 (Weights and Measures), Article 1 Section 10 (REQUIRED Bi-metallic Gold & Silver Standard), and even the Coinage Act of April 2, 1792 (Original definition of the dollar).

Gold and silver are both primary monetary metals, if they could even be called “primary” or “secondary”.

It’s better stated like this: Gold and silver are the monetary metals, and both are equally important in their roles.

Lynette Zang answers a whole slew of questions in a recent video on ITM Trading

Some of the topics in this latest Q&A Session:

  • If a person holds no debt, no mortgage, no car loan, student loan or credit card debt of any kind…….would you think they will be largely protected during and after the reset?
  • Is there a difference in between investing in silver Peace Dollars and silver American Eagles? And would Peace Dollars be as liquid as silver American Eagles if you needed to barter/sell them?
  • The world bank states that gold and silver will be dropping. That this is the height of gold and silver. What’s your thought on this. I’m more for long term but is this like them saying that it’s a bad investment

For the answers to those questions and a whole lot more, tune in to the video in its entirety below: