These Extraordinary Times Reveal Gold’s TRUE Potential

We may wake up one day soon with the price of gold at $5000…

Lawrence Lepard interviewed on Palisade Radio

Lawrence discusses how people are gradually waking up to what is happening. Governments can’t create credit forever without consequence, and we are now witnessing the end of that system. In the space of only six weeks, we have seen stunning moves and government actions. Eventually, people will consider currency to be an inadequate means of storing wealth.

The Comex and LBMA are having problems sourcing gold and eventually, counterparties will fail since they won’t have the gold to deliver. We may wake up one day soon with the price of gold at $5000.

Time Stamp References:
0:35 – Gradual wakeup to monetary risks.
4:15 – Can they reverse this with gold confiscation?
10:10 – Gold market and why demand will drive price.
14:25 – Price targets after 1900.
26:00 – Comex/LBMA problems and 400oz bars.
29:20 – Silvers explosive upside and volatility.
32:10 – Investing in less risky mining companies.