There’s Only One Currency Not Participating In the Currency Wars

Gold is the only currency that is not participating in the currency wars. Here’s what it means for investors…

Ronni Stoeferle interviewed by Craig Hemke on TF Metals Report

With 2018 off to a wild start in equities, bonds and commodities, what better time to check in again with our pal, Ronni Stoeferle, co-author of the great annual report “In Gold We Trust”.

As we discuss here frequently, 2018 is shaping up to be a volatile year across global markets, and with $15T in QE now sloshing around the planet, any inkling of a breakout in commodities could quickly turn into an avalanche.

To that end, it was great to visit with Ronni again today and address all of these issues. We also take time to discuss the implications of the chart you see below. You should be sure to take a good, long hard look at it.

This was a very informative podcast. Please be sure to give it a thorough listen.



Listen to the podcast on TF Metals Report or simply play the embedded audio file below: