“There Is NO PROOF Whatsoever That That Gold Was Transported From NY Or France To Germany”

Repatriate Our Gold co-founder Peter Boehinger is not asking for something that is difficult to prove either. Here’s the details…

Peter Boehringer interviewed by Rory Hall on The Daily Coin

On January 19, 2015 Gold Core published Bundesbank Announces Repatriation of 120 Tonnes of Gold from Paris and New York Federal Reserve just the title alone had my attention. In light of what has happened in the past week with the Swiss National Bank unpegging the Franc from the Euro and the implications that holds, one has to ask, it’s the timing a little suspect? Thomas Jordan, the President of the Swiss National Bank, just last week, a mere two days prior to releasing the Swiss Franc, stated the peg should remain in place in order to help the Swiss economy and allow Switzerland’s exports to remain competitive. This was the same exact message that Mr. Jordan used back in November, when he WAS NOT suppose to be campaigning for or against the Swiss Gold Initiative, but did so anyway. Mr. Jordan told the good people of Switzerland that moving away from the Euro would crash their economy and create hardship for everyone. My, my how things change in a mere six weeks; eh, Mr. Jordan?