The Tuesday Smash Is Back! Gold & Silver Get Pummeled (On Volume) At COMEX Open

Gold & silver have given up all of their post-FOMC rate cut gains, and yield on the 10-Year Note is surging…

Gold and silver are getting hammered this morning.

Here’s a look at silver’s 30-minute chart:

That’s the most impressive Tuesday smash at the COMEX open that we’ve see in a while!

Gold isn’t faring much better:

These short-term charts are just all sorts of ugly right now.

Check-out this massive move in yield on the 10-Year Note:

We’ve gone from a low of 1.747% to a high of 1.873% since yesterday morning.

The mainstream market manipulation denier’s narrative will be, like, “duh, gold and silver prices are down simply because the stock market is at record highs, so gold and silver are only representative of the move out of risk-off assets and into risk-on assets as evidenced by the sell-off in Treasury’s, and furthermore, we are close to Phase 1 of the Trade Deal, which takes away some uncertainty in the markets”.

Excuses like that would almost be funny if they weren’t so pathetic.

Here’s a look at gold, silver and the dollar, post-rate cut:

Other than the Tuesday ‘COT Report shuffle’ done by the cartel.

Must be something big that is about to pop off somewhere?

Which necessitates a lower starting price on the metals.

Gold & silver have lost all of their post-FOMC gains.

Of course, nothing fundamentally has changed.

If one does not play in the rigged casino?

Then this is a sweet little flash sale.

Especially for the white metal.

Where are drop of $0.50?

Like a cartel subsidy?

On the premium?

For physical?

I think so.


It is.

Stack accordingly…

– Half Dollar


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