The Truth About the Conflict Over Ukraine: The Stage is Set for War

USEagleFreedom [Secretary of State, John ] Kerry, wallowing in his arrogance, hubris, and evil, has issued direct threats to Russia. The Russian foreign minister has dismissed Kerry’s threats as “unacceptable.” The stage is set for war.  – Paul Craig Roberts

By PM Fund Manager Dave Kranzler, Truth in Gold:

Before I elaborate on the above a quote with a few salient passages from PCR’s brilliant analysis and commentary on the situation in Ukraine, I want to clarify for anyone reading this that the U.S. has funded and militarily supported a political regime in western Ukraine that has ingrained political and military roots with Hitler’s Nazi Party.  This is an undisputable fact.  If you decide to fall for the Orwellian rhetoric flooding all of the U.S. news outlets, you are doing so out of complete ignorance of the facts.

Kerry has no answer to the question: “Since when does the United States government genuinely subscribe and defend the concept of sovereignty and territorial integrity?”

In working with Dr. Roberts on several collaborative articles about the U.S. Government’s long term and massive intervention in the gold market, I have come to appreciate the deep insight and understanding he has for what is really happening behind “the curtain” in DC.  His ability to communicate and elucidate this reality is nothing short of brilliant.

Washington wants missile bases in Ukraine in order to degrade Russia’s nuclear deterrent, thus reducing Russia’s ability to resist US hegemony. Only three countries stand in the way of Washington’s hegemony over the world, Russia, China, and Iran.

His latest article on the truth about what is happening in Ukraine and why the U.S. has fomented political and civil chaos over there is a must-read for anyone who seeks the truth.

Everyone needs to understand that Washington is lying about Ukraine just as Washington lied about Saddam Hussein and weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, just as Washington lied about Iranian nukes, just as Washington lied about Syrian president Assad using chemical weapons, just as Washington lied about Afghanistan, Libya, NSA spying, torture. What hasn’t Washington lied about?

I encourage everyone to read Dr. Roberts’ full article here:  Washington’s Hubris


If you are confused about the facts, please educate yourself with this article from geopolitical and economic analyst, William Engdahal:  The [U.S.] Rape of Ukraine

Keep in mind that throughout history, the most definitive sign that a great Empire is in the latter stages of collapse is wantonly corrupted and reckless imperialism – of which we’ve seen many examples since Bush and Obama took office.


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