Year in Review: The Top SD Stories of 2012

20122012 is almost in the books.  That means its time for another review of the year’s top stories on SilverDoctors.

The most important and most popular SD Stories of 2012:



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With 165,000 reads, the top read story onSD in 2012:

 Tungsten Filled 1 kilo Gold Bar Discovered In UK

In the biggest news we’ve broke since the JP Morgan whistle-blower stepped forward,
Australian Bullion Dealer ABC Bullion has contacted SD to advise that one of its suppliers has provided them photographic evidence of a tungsten filled 1 kilo gold bar discovered this week.  The bar passed a hand-held xrf scan which showed 99.98% pure AU.  The tungsten was only discovered when the bar was physically cut in half.
After numerous reports of 400oz tungsten filled bars being discovered in Hong Kong, this is the first documented and verified report with photographic evidence that has been made public.


Several months later, reports of 10 more tungsten filled PAMP gold bars surfaced:

10 Tungsten-Filled Gold Bars Discovered In Manhattan

In the aftermath of Wednesday’s report of a tungsten filled 10 oz PAMP gold bar discovered in Manhattan, it appears we now have an epidemic on our hands, as the NY Post has just reported that a total of at least 10 tungsten filled gold bars have now been discovered in Manhattan.


In the story most likely to have serious implications to the gold cartel in 2013 and beyond:


In perhaps the biggest story in gold since Hugo Chavez sent shock-waves throughout the gold market in mid 2011 (and propelled gold up $300 to a record $1915), the German Federal Accountability Office has ruled that the Bundesbank must conduct an audit on German Central Bank gold holdings, and in anticipation, has begun the repatriation of German gold from the NY Fed.   The Bundesbank will request the NY Fed ship 50 tones of German gold back to the motherland a year for the next 3 years!

It appears de Germans are about to receive a crash course in the lesson He who owns the gold makes the rules (aka possession is 999/1000ths of the law).

Assuming that the NY Fed does decide to comply with the Bundesbank’s request to keep up appearances for the other central banks, we wish the cartel luck in finding 150 tons of TUNGSTEN FREE PHYZZ over the next 3 years as the Bundesbank reportedly will PHYSICALLY VERIFY THE GOLD.   So much for the cartel plans to fill repatriation requests with  tungsten salted phyzz.

Eric Sprott spoke with The Doc in June regarding the shortage of physical gold on the market, and the lack of any sustainable economic recovery in the US:



The Doc sat down with Sprott Asset Management’s Eric Sprott this weekend to discuss the European debt contagion, the latest gold and silver massacre, the massive rush into physical metals, and his outlook on gold and silver for the rest of 2012 and beyond.
In this timely and explosive interview, Eric warns listeners that any weekend deals to bailout Spanish banks will not cure the problem as the problem is WAY BIGGER THAN CENTRAL BANKS OR GOVERNMENTS CAN DEAL WITH, the contagion will spread, the situation is untenable, THERE WILL BE NO RECOVERY, and that gold is the canary in the coal-mine indicating the seriousness of the crisis.
Sprott believes as the deleveraging crisis intensifies the trickle of bond fund managers such as Bill Gross starting to look at gold for protection will quickly become a groundswell, and states that THERE IS NO GOLD TO BUY!!
Sprott also analyzes the cartel’s recent change of tactics in raiding metals during Bernanke’s speeches (Sprott says ALL markets are manipulated and that The Silver Cartels Have Changed Their MO), and gives his outlook on gold and silver over the near-term.


In one of SRSrocco’s most widely read and most popular articles ever, SRS made the case for why silver will exceed $100/oz:


There are tremendous forces at work that will push silver over $100 an ounce.

According to the  2012 World Silver Survey, total global silver investment demand has risen from only 31.6 million oz in 2002 to a staggering 282.2 million oz in 2011.  As world economic fiat based monetary system continues to deteriorate, investors are taking delivery of physical silver rather than holding on paper contracts that may not be backed by any metal whatsoever.

This has created a run on the LBMA… the largest metal exchange in the world.  Evidence of this can be seen by the huge increase of U.S. silver bullion exports to the United Kingdom.  In 2011, the U.S exported a mere 19 metric tonnes to London.  However, in just four months (May-Aug), the U.S. has exported 291 metric tonnes to the LBMA vaults in the U.K..  The United States has exported more silver bullion in the first seven months of the year than it did in all of 2011Silver bullion shipped to the United Kingdom rose from 3% of total U.S. silver exports in 2011, to a staggering 42% of the 700 million oz exported so far this year.

More likely than not, the large silver bullion exports to the U.K. have been utilized to help meet the insatiable physical silver bullion demand taking place on the LBMA.  As the old saying goes… where there is smoke, there’s probably a great deal of silver paper on fire.

Once the world ‘s liquid energy supply starts its inevitable decline from its current plateau, annual silver metal production will decline as well.  There will be no silver glut and there will be no silver available when the world’s fiat monetary system finally dries up and blows away.

Get ready.  The forces for pushing silver over $100 have just begun.
SRSrocco also discovered a sudden and massive increase in US silver exports to London beginning in July:

Physical Shortage? 169 Metric Tonnes of Silver Sent from US to London in ONE MONTH!!

The latest USGS monthly Silver Commodity Update IS AN ABSOLUTE SHOCKER.  If we take a look at the difference in silver exports from just June to July, we can see that a staggering 169 metric tonnes of silver was sent to the United Kingdom back in JulyThis is a 5.4 million ounce transfer of silver to the U.K in just one month:


In the most read post by SD contributor Jim Willie of 2012, Willie predicted that the next major banking scandal to break will be the gold rehypothecation scandal, which will take gold to $5,000/oz!

Jim Willie: Central Bank Gold Rehypothecation Scandal to Take Gold to $5,000/oz

-The battle is on for delivery and verification for official gold accounts
-Evidence grows that much of it is gone, and when demanded, replaced with urgency
-It is soon to transform into a global gold war
-The German Govt gold demand to the London and NY City bankers represents a big escalation in the gold war
-The central bank coordinated QE to Infinity has brought questions of gold account location and integrity
The Allocated Gold Account scandal is a natural event to follow the LIBOR banker scandal
-QE3 will assure a gold rise past the $2000 mark, but the gold rehypothecation scandal will take the gold price to $5000
-The powerful gold factors are aligned and in place, led by permanent ZIRP and unlimited QE

Smart, sassy, and holding a soon-t0-be-illegal-pink semi-auto, Ann Barnhardt warned SD readers that in the wake of MF Global and PFG Best, All property rights in the United States are GONE!!:

Ann Barnhardt: If You’re Still in These Markets You’re Either Stupid or On Drugs!

The Doc sat down with Ann Barnhardt of the former Barnhardt Capital Management Tuesday night for an exclusive interview discussing the shocking precedent set by the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals’ decision last Friday essentially making segregated client funds theft perfectly legal.

Ann went on a 20 minute ALL-OUT RANT, stating that the decision means that ‘All property rights in the United States are gone.  Up in smokeThe 7th Circuit Court decision means customers have absolutely no right to their segregated funds held in any depository or financial institution!

Barnhardt states We’re seeing the complete disintegration of the financial system before our very eyes!  It’s Soviet!  It’s truly, truly Soviet!!  You’ve got to get your money out of the financial system!  Nothing is safe!  Not just the futures markets, but the entire thing!  Stocks, 401k, IRA, deposit accounts. GET YOUR MONEY OUT OR ELSE IT IS ALL GOING TO BE STOLEN FROM YOU!  IT’S ALL A PONZI!!!

The owner of the former BCM brokerage states that JP Morgan knows the end is in sight, and they know that in a lawless environment, possession is EVERYTHING!


Silver guru David Morgan informed SD readers that silver is moving towards par with gold, and stated that the metal is likely to reach $60-$75/oz over the next 12-15 months!:

David Morgan: Silver Moving Towards Par With Gold!

With gold and silver continuing their strong advances in the wake of the Fed’s QE∞ announcement last Thursday, The Doc sat down with silver expert David Morgan for an EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW regarding gold and silver’s fundamentals and where Morgan sees the metals heading over the next 12 months.

Morgan believes the big gains seen in the metals over the past month was the market pricing in QE3, but believes particularly silver has much room to run, stating that the metal will most certainly double from here, and will most likely triple from here.  Morgan believes silver’s nominal high near $50 will be broken to the upside in 2013, with silver likely reaching $60-$75/oz over the next 12-15 months.

Morgan also discusses the current supply side for silver and the massive physical tightness in the market, potential BIG, BIG problems for Barrick if it’s Pascua Lama mine fails to reach production (anticipated to produce up to 40 million oz annually).

The market’s premier silver analyst concludes by discussing his expectations for silver to massively out-perform gold going forward, and states that he expects the silver/gold ratio to narrow to at least 10 to 1, and states that silver is moving towards par with gold!


The Doc answered reader inquiries discussing inflation vs. hyperinflation:

Q&A With the Doc: The Causes & Results of Hyperinflation

I am a physician and have converted my entire portfolio to 50% gold and silver bullion and 50% quality mining stocks. So I am with you. What I am trying to understand is exactly how a 40% devaluation of the dollar will immediately affect American’s day to day lives. Can you help me with this? I have studied and studied, but I am trying to understand how prices will be affected for the average person initially. What happened in Mexico? What happens here? Does gasoline go up 80% overnight? Does food go up 80% overnight? I was a Peace Corps volunteer, so I can explain the inner workings of certain pacific island cultures in ways no text book can seem to get right. I was hoping you could do the same thing for me involving this. Thanks.
Harvey Organ informed SD readers that the silver shortage is intensifying:

Harvey Organ: The Moment London is Out of Silver, the COMEX Will Be Out in a Nano-Second!

Harvey Organ joins us again for an explosive interview discussing this week’s breakout in gold and silver, the developing ‘TREMENDOUS PHYSICAL SHORTAGE‘ in the silver market, and concerns with unallocated gold and silver accounts, which Harvey describes as nothing but paper notes and obligations.
Harvey also discussed recent reports that the LBMA is refusing to deliver silver outside of the LBMA system: They won’t deliver it outside of the system because there is no silver!  That’s a real crisis!  The moment London is out of metal, the COMEX will be out in a nano-second!
President Obama began moving to confiscate IRA’s & 401k’s.  Retirement funds look to be simply one of Obama’s confiscation targets for 2013, as revoking the 2nd amendment and full gun confiscation is now on the agenda for Jan 1:

Obama Begins Push to Confiscate IRA’s & 401k’s

It may be time to take the tax hit and withdraw funds from private retirement accounts before they are forced into long term T-bonds.

The Obama administration is reportedly quickly moving on plans to nationalize private 401k and IRA retirement accounts, and replace them with government sponsored annuities(aka Treasury bonds that the Treasury currently can’t sell to anyone but the Fed).

National Seniors Council Director Robert Crone warns: “This whole issue is moving forward very quickly.  Already there is a bill requiring all businesses to automatically enroll their employees in IRA plans in which part of every employee’s paycheck would be automatically deducted and deposited into this account. If this passes, the government will be just one step away from being able to confiscate all these retirement accounts.
Gold expert Jim Sinclair advised readers that the system will collapse as soon as The Vampire Squid decides to pull the plug on confidence in the US dollar:

Jim Sinclair: System Will Collapse When Goldman Decides to Pull the Plug on Confidence in the US Dollar

The legendary Jim Sinclair sent an email alert to subscribers this weekend, warning that dollar based entitlement payments will be reduced to nearly meaningless levels on a single day, and that the result will also solve the health care cost crisis in the US, by accelerating the attrition of pensioners and removing the most sick from the equation.

Sinclair seems to agree with our statement that Blythe Masters may be responsible for the greatest loss of human life in history when the derivatives collapse is complete.

Regarding the timing of the collapse of the dollar, Sinclair states: Timing is a question of when our masters via Goldman Sachs decide to pull the plug on confidence in the US dollar.
SilverDoctors’ readers were captivated with images from the worst natural disaster to ever hit NY City:

Storm of the Century Sandy in Photos: Manhattan Underwater, Con Ed Explodes

The biggest and most destructive storm to ever hit the US East coast has left Manhattan dark and underwater, the Con Edison power plant going supernova, the subway system ready for U-boats, and threatens to drop the 1% back into the 99%.
Unbelievable photos of the shocking destruction below:

We wonder whether any of the 49,000 SD readers who read this article were surprised that the Fed is refusing to allow Germany to inspect their own allocated gold:

German Calls for Gold Repatriation Intensify As Fed Refuses to Allow Inspection

Calls for Germany to repatriate its 1,536 tons of gold reserves held at the NY Fed are intensifying as Der Spiegel reports the Federal Reserve has refused to allow German inspectors to even view the country’s massive gold reserves “in the interest of security and of the control process“.We have stated repeatedly that with repatriation and/or audit requests completed or in progress by Venezuela, Germany, Switzerland, and the Netherlands, The BOE and the Fed suddenly find themselves in a heap of trouble as the situation (and confidence that the Central banks actually still hold the tungsten gold reserves on deposit) is rapidly deteriorating.


From The Doc, BullRun, and all the rest of us here at SD, thanks for a great 2012, and we wish all SD readers a happy and prosperous 2013!  As the old proverb says, May you live in interesting times!