The Silver Riggers’ Price Illusion Will be Shattered

chilton“Business as Usual” is in Trouble
As the days go by, more and more hard data continues to point to one thing: silver supply has never been tighter.  It doesn’t matter where you point to, the story’s the same: strong demand, and diminishing supply.  There are a variety of factors contributing to this, but some are now simply too much for the bankers to overcome, and the evidence is overwhelming…


Submitted by The Wealth Watchman

Take for instance, the dwindling numbers at the Comex.  These warehouses continue to show remarkable ‘churn’, as somewhere between 3 to 5 million ounces(or more) have continued to move in and out of Comex warehouses practically all year long.  It has had a brutal effect, year-to-date, on silver numbers, particularly in the registered(for sale) numbers.  One look at this long-term chart will prove it, as well as give it perspective:

Vanishing silver 4
Folks, there’s no doubt that everything you need to know about silver in 2015 is summed up in that chart.  That picture tells a story, and there are several take-aways from it that I hope you get when you view it.  I’d like to break down some of those take-aways at this moment, some of which are easily apparent, and others which are more hidden.  So let’s break it down.

1) The first thing that’s obviously apparent, is the sheer cliff-dive at the far right.  2015 has seen available silver stockpiles plunge by 38% from its recent top!  Ladies and gentlemen, we are looking at a great ‘disappearing act’ of silver in this criminal exchange.

Comex magicians have been working their magic to conjure up more silver each year, and until now, they’ve successfully rebuffed many attacks, but this year seems to have marked a clear ‘sea change’ of silver flow and accumulation there.

27 million ounces of silver have vanished in front of our eyes, from the hands of the banksters.

It’s not simply the number of ounces that have left, either, but the speed at which they’ve left, which is so amazing.  After all, as you can see, this has all happened since April.  This means that in 6 months, the Comex has bled almost as much silver as the US even mines in a calendar year.

According to Steve St. Angelo, the monthly burn of Comex registered silver has now reached roughly 5 million ounces per month!  Unreal!  As he’s also observed, nearly 4 years’ worth of supply ‘build’ in the ‘for sale’ category has been undone since the Spring.

Stunning!  That truly is a remarkable statement.

2) The second thing I want to draw your attention to is that this stockpile plunge, though great, is not entirely without precedent.  It has happened on several occasions: once back in 2006, the next occurrence happened in 2008-2009(the Financial Crisis), and lastly again, in late 2010, to the summer of 2011(the panicked short-covering of JP Morgan).

However, on those previous occasions, after enough silver bleeding had occurred, the banksters were able to stem the tide, and replenish their stocks.

This is about the moment where, in past times, they were able to once again build up their stockpiles once more.

However, I do not believe this time will be like the last few occasions.  I don’t believe this time it’s within their power to reverse the trend, and I say this for several very important reasons…

India’s Global Effect

As I recently stated in a clarion call that I gave a few weeks ago, India’s silver demand is now so shocking, that it really has no past point that any commentator or analyst can point to for comparison.

I’ve written over and over, to demonstrate my most fervent belief, that India is the key to silver, and breaking the silver rigging forever.

Can that now be doubted?  Just ponder Koos Jansen’s chart, which is undeniably compelling:

Vanishing silver 10

This is truly game-changing for the world.

In just 3 years….India has gone from importing 2,000 tonnes….to what could turn out to be an astounding 10,000 tonnes this year!

India has already imported as much silver, just through August, as it did in all of last year!  No matter how you slice it, another new record silver year for India is in the bag!

If they can reach 10,000 tonnes, that’s a 400% increase in 3 years!  They’ve gone from importing 10% of worldwide silver mine supplies each year, to nearly 40%.

My friends, there’s a great deal that our banking friends can overcome, but this trend cannot be overcome.  Either the banksters must find a way to kill this new-found love of silver in India, or this new-found love will kill them.

Lest anyone doubt the scale of what’s happening, here’s one more chart for good measure:

Vanishing silver 1


The amount of silver in the Comex for delivery is now dwarfed by one month’s Indian imports.  In other words:Comex silver is, at last, beginning to resemble the growing picture of Comex gold: irrelevance.

This is very bad news for the controllers on the silver scene.  Silver is a totally different creature than gold, and they cannot, under any circumstances, afford to become irrelevant to silver deliveries in the Anglo-American silver scene at their exchanges.

The reason why the Comex has remained a large silver delivery mechanism(unlike gold), is that, unlike gold, there are no large silver stockpiles under the cabal’s control.

There are no silver reserves held by central banks.

There are no silver reserves held by governments.

There are no silver reserves, of that significance, held in private hands, either.

All the silver that’s left to continue this dastardly suppression comes straight from the newly-minted dore bars, and newly-recycled silver.  That silver must be channeled through the LBMA and Comex, because silver is so crucial to the rigging of everything else, that they must keep every ounce possible under their direct supervision and control.

If they are using Comex registered silver for deliveries to India(which I suspect), there are none elsewhere to be found. If that is true, then the banksters’ success in this contrived downtrend is truly running on borrowed time now.

One Final Thought

The Comex gold numbers have been drained to levels that, historically, are shocking.  The leverage on the tiny pile of ‘for sale’ gold remains depressed, and though folks continue to sleepwalk, and trade “on the volcano’s edge” there, the Feds and CME could decide to ‘change the rules’ at literally any moment.

However, what few are asking(but will soon have to) is this:what will the CME and Comex do when their registered silver category reaches similarly dangerous levels?

I firmly believe that if silver revisits a certain level(perhaps even as high as 25 million oz), that something drastic will have to be done…

“Where are you going with this, Watchman, and what does it have to do with silver?”


Remember, gold’s numbers can be ‘frozen’ at 160k ounces(or even lower) for awhile, IF they can overcome the deficit, by making good on deliveries from the stockpiles of central banks and governments, but silver’s numbers will not be frozen.

They won’t be, because they can’t be.  

There is simply no silver of any significance anywhere else now.  These New York and London exchanges are really all that’s left.

Unless the CME folks can entice more “eligible silver” into the registered category…the amount of silver for sale in their warehouses could reach the ‘danger point’ that they reached back in 2011…as soon as the end of this year, and certainly by early spring.

The bankers are between a rock and a hard place though!  For if they try to take silver even lower…the bleed rate increases. Likewise, if they let silver’s price run-up, as they did in the squeeze of 2010-2011, the bleed rate will increase, just the same as it did then.

The best thing they can do, in my mind, is allow silver to trade ‘rangebound’ between $14 and $16ish dollars, while trying to lure privately-owned silver back into the ‘registered category’.  It might buy them another business quarter.


Brothers, we’re looking at history being made right now.  It truly is both amazing and utterly paradoxical:

Never before has our planet produced more silver than it has in the past several years…yet, simultaneously, never before has our demand outstripped and outpaced that record supply, by such wide margins.

After the fateful May-Massacre in silver, in 2011, we’ve watched our banking foes artfully dodge the day of reckoning for nearly 4.5 years now….an impressive feat!

We’ve watched the bankers build up their registered silver stockpiles to levels not seen since 2009, only for them to instantly crash back to 2013 levels.

We’ve watched India continue to cash in on the stunning value of silver, relative to gold.

We’ve watched every trick in the book be played to buy time.

Unless India really underwhelms in its silver imports for the rest of 2015…I can’t see how Comex registered silver can even make it to 2016, without reaching the previous, dangerous level of roughly 25 million ounces that it reached in 2011.

One last great measure that the cabal might try in India, is to raise silver’s tax to 25%, as they did originally with gold(India’s silver tax is still at 10%).  This might, just might, buy them a few more months out of this…but, to date, there’s no talk of doing anything of the sort.

As I see it, if India’s demand remains elevated, or has another 1,000 tonne month in the last quarter of the year, the great silver vanishing act we’re witnessing will continue…until one of two things occurs:

1) Either the bankster boys will be forced to pull another “1980” where they cash settle, or refuse delivery(accompanied by a revaluation upward)

2)Or this ole bloke’s caption beneath will become a cold, hard truth…and that’s an eventuality that our enemies dare not allow themselves to imagine…

Vanishing silver 9