The Risks Associated With Cryptocurrency Are Not Just Great They’re UNKNOWN

Claudio Grass discusses the various risks involved with cryptocurrency and ways to protect against those risks…

Editor’s Note: In this interview, Claudio recommends that people who have made some profits in Bitcoin should take some of those profits and diversify into physical gold and physical silver. If some of those who have made profits take his advice, the one two punch of crypto and precious metals could cause the bankers to begin to buckle at their knees.

Claudio Grass interviewed by Sean of on SGTreport

Claudio Grass joined me on Thursday at the very moment Bitcoin briefly reached $19,000 causing old guard Central Bankers like Alan Greenspan to emerge from the crypt and announce “it’s irrational.” So was this the blow off top, or a glimpse of things to come? Clif High predicts $40,000 Bitcoin by summer. Who knows, but crazy times any way you cut it.