The Rickards Strikes Back: USD to Spike, NOT GOLD, and BEFORE January 2018

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and now TODAY. There are no ladders long enough for the Fort Knox Gold Hole that just keeps getting deeper and deeper. Furthermore, gold & silver have already recovered from the price smash just 30 minutes ago…

Something very big is going on in the gold world and the powers that be are having a hard time keeping it all in their control.

Here’s a recap of the August 21-25, 2017, Total Gold Eclipse:

Monday we reported the Treasury Secretary visit to Fort Knox

Tuesday we reported Mnuchin’s wife ragging on all of America after unable to take a comment about their trip to Ft Knox

Wednesday we reported a failed German attempt to provide some back up, cover fire, and a flanking maneuver

Thursday they brought out Jim Rickards to calm the gold community

Thursday also brought out the goofiest failed PR stunt by Mnuchin, the US Mint, the Treasury, and we’re not exactly sure who else

Thursday afternoon Jim Rickards’ story was torn apart and shredded to pieces by a Fund Manager

FRIDAY (TODAY): Jim Rickards strikes back, doubles down, flip-flops, and make you wonder just who is on who’s side:

Here’s part of an email Jim sent out to his free, public subscribers today:



And here is where that “Click here now for all of the details” takes you:



And now we are not sure what will be the next move. We know that late yesterday the WSJ put out an epic fail of an anti-gold hit piece.

And this morning, gold and silver caught a bid, before gold having 21,000+ contracts dumped on the COMEX in ONE MINUTE, and silver suffering an equal beating:



But sure enough, it looks like it wasn’t quite enough, because not only is the dollar dumping, but gold is poised to make another run at $1300 already, and silver is already back over $17:


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