The Resolutes Are Scaring The Crap Out Of The Gold Shorts!

August Gold delivery demand has to be scaring the crap out of the gold shorts…

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Great and Wonderful Friday Morning Folks,

      We start the last day of July off in the positive with December Gold up $25.10 with the trade at $1,991.90, after it made another New Life of Contract High at $2,005.40 with the low at $1,971.40. Silver is leading the rise today with the September contract now at $24.215, up 84.9 cents after hitting $24.53 with the low wayyy down there at $23.67. It’s been over 40 years since Silver made a N-LoCH, maybe it’s time for it to catch up, stay tooned! The US Dollar did get a little jiggy during the FOMC, with the trade now heading lower at 92.94, down 6.9 points and close to the high at 92.965 after it recovered from the low at 92.51. Of course, all this happened before 5 am pst, the Comex open, the London close, and after Ghislaine Maxwell’s unsealed court records were released.

      The precious metals gains are also rolling along against the emerging fiats, as the Venezuelan Bolivar will prove Gold gaining 222.72 overnight with the last trade at 19,894.10 Bolivar. Silver under the same currency is now at 244.444 Bolivar, providing the holder at 10.294 Bolivar gain per ounce. Argentina’s Peso now has Gold’s value pegged at 143,813.65, a gain of 1,746.20 A-Peso’s with Silver at 1,767.18 giving the most manipulated metal in the markets a 76.09 A-Peso gain. Turkey’s Lira has given Gold a 152 T-Lira gain with the last trade at 13,886.11 with Silver gaining 7.12 with the last trade at 170.606 T-Lira.  

      August Silver Delivery Demands have officially begun, with the demand count now at 914 fully paid for contracts and with a trading range for the 3 lot Volume, between $23.59 and $23.565 with the last trade at the low. We need to leave some room for the unaware trader, he/she/they may have one or two positions to clear, but all in all we have a $107,692,050 order now standing for delivery. If the deliveries are as strong as the last several months, there’s gonna be a big problem at the Comex! Silver’s Overall Open Interest is now calculated at 187,817 Overnighters, more than doubling yesterday’s reductions, which may prove the FOMC meeting was simply a 2-day stall, as 3,931 more shorts had to be added into the markets.

     August Gold has to be scaring the shit out of the shorts with the Resolutes Delivery Demand count at 47,236 and with a Volume of 1,100 already up on the board with a trading range between $1,981.10 and $1,948 with the last swap at $1,965.90, up $23.90. Let’s see how the rest of Augusts deliveries go, as the first day’s buy orders equal $9,286,124,240. Gold’s Overall Open Interest is proving someone is getting out of the way of the next rally with the Overall count dropping 12,524 leaving 587,560 contracts to go against the physicals.

      I have no kind words for what we all have been forced to deal with over the decades as one who represented us as a leader, got continual protection from the Deep State. This one raped many women (and paid to shut them up) and (is accused of having sex with) young girls over his professional years as a government elected. A party was even willing to allow his wife to represent our nation too, and chose to ignore all the wiener laptop evidence and the death of Seth Rich! This same group also attacked anyone who accused both Clintons of wrong doing and that body count of the dead from way back when he represented Arkansas going forward, needs to be reviewed without the FBI/CIA/NSA interferences. All those involved with the Entire Pedo Machine need to be brought into court to answer questions. That is, if they survive their assisted suicides. I believe the promise, that has to be one of the hardest promises any president has ever attempted to do! Root out pedophilia and child trafficking rings, no matter who gets caught or the costs, and that includes the Republican Party!

      The future promises to bring out many more stories that link this Pedo-Protect-Group to many others, not only in our country’s government, but many other countries as well! This revelation is either going to be swept under the rug by a bigger story, or it’s going to come out in full blossom. I don’t expect the media to reveal any of these stories because they too are all caught up in the mess with the Weinstein links, however, I do expect the court cases will reveal it all! Need we say, the best place to have one’s retirement while all this comes out, is still Physical Silver and Gold? Probably not, so have a great weekend, keep a smile on your face and a prayer for all, and as always…

Stay Strong!

J. Johnson

[email protected]

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