‘The Rats Are Jumping Off This Sinking Ship. This System Cannot Survive Much Longer’ – Harley Schlanger

Our friend Sean from SGTreport has released a MUST LISTEN interview with Harley Schlanger the national spokesman for the LaRouche Organization. Harley just returned from the EU and says the entire banking system is unraveling. The rats are looking for a way to save themselves.
Some within the cabal like the Rothschilds are even showing signs of supporting the re-implementation of Glass-Steagall, not because they are decent human beings – but because they are trying to save their empire.

Meanwhile, people in the U.S. are fed up and want real change that neither the establishment-controlled DNC or RNC will ever allow. We need a new political system in this country, one that actually REPRESENTS the voice of the people. But the bottom line is this broken, criminal paradigm is now functioning on borrowed time. Harley says, ‘This system cannot survive much longer.’

Part 2: This System Cannot Survive Much Longer