The Quarter Was NOT Silver! How It All Began for David Morgan

David MorganIt all started for David Morgan as an 11-year-old in 1965 when he received his weekly allowance of a quarter. He looked at it curiously and was startled. There was something different about this quarter from any other he had seen before. The quarter was NOT silver…


Submitted by Elijah Johnson: 

You can get something for nothing.
Financial newsletter writer David Morgan’s decades of experience and research in the finance industry has convinced him that this is a lie that originates in the financial system, but infects society as a whole.
For over a decade, Morgan has been on a mission to educate people about this problem with the financial system, and now he’s focusing on solutions.


It all started for Morgan as an 11-year-old in 1965 when he received his weekly allowance of a quarter. He looked at it curiously and was startled. There was something different about this quarter from any other he had seen before. The quarter was not silver.


This was Morgan’s first experience of currency that did not have intrinsic value. Starting in 1965, no longer were quarters and dimes 90 percent silver. Coins were made of cupronickel, a nearly worthless copper alloy. Morgan said he was the only person around him who noticed how the U.S. currency was changing.


Since this young age, Morgan has always noticed what others didn’t. “He was really just a visionary,” his sister Diana Benson said, “He always did a lot of research, and he would share things with family, friends…some of us would look at him like ‘where are you getting this stuff’…the things that he was saying way back when kind of blew us away. And as the years have evolved, so much of what he talked about way back when has come to pass….He was just really ahead of his time.”


Although he started his career life working in the aircraft industry, his interest in finance was reignited when he saw a test pilot reading a financial newsletter. He subscribed to the newsletter and started learning more about precious metals. He started investing in stocks and commodities, primarily in the precious metals sector. He soon ended his career in the aircraft industry and started working in the financial markets. He worked as a broker, then sold precious metal coins for a short time, and later worked on the analytical side in consulting.


Once the Internet arrived, Morgan researched more about finance. “Being very motivated to learn new things – learn everything – I would stay up for hours, thinking I had only stayed up for minutes.” Inspired by other newsletter writers, he started writing his own.


The Morgan Report Newsletter is a monthly report focusing on the economy, currency problems, and investing in gold and silver. Today, Morgan is one of the top analysts in the silver market.


Morgan lives in Washington State. He writes his newsletter from his room where he has a bookshelf full of financial, health, and philosophical books. He has a mild mannered deep voice. He speaks sincerely and without ambiguity. He is like a Stoic, his friend and former co-worker Dan O’Connor said.


Morgan is concerned with the financial and moral states of the society. He said, the root of the problem goes back to the change the U.S. mint made when he was a child.  Money isn’t sound anymore, he explained. In other words, it is not backed by gold, silver, or anything of intrinsic value.


“We’re living a complete and total lie from the top down because we’re taught we can’t get something for nothing, yet the entire financial system is based on [the Federal Reserve] creating money out of thin air. So we’re getting something for nothing, and that lie permeates through the entire culture on a global basis because all central banks basically do the same thing as the Federal Reserve.”


If you look at monetary history, Morgan’s favorite subject, he said there is a direct correlation between the debasement of the currency and the debasement of the moral structure in the society.


Morgan’s mission statement on his website is to, “[educate] people about honest money and the benefits of a sound financial system.” But some of the time, Morgan feels like his message is not taken seriously.


The greatest lesson of history, is that people don’t learn the lessons of history,” Morgan said with tears nearly coming to his eyes.


Still, Morgan hopes he has planted seeds in some people’s minds.


“[Morgan’s] poised analytical skills have enabled him to figure out a lot of the problems,” O’Connor said, “I think because of that…he’s going to be able to help come up with solutions….He has affected many people by his explanation of some very complex things…so they can understand it and make changes and adjust their thinking out of what the mainstream is selling them.”


Coming up with the solutions is what Morgan has been doing recently.  He said, “There’s so much dishonesty through the entire system, not just the financial system. So these things need to be corrected. I think honest money [precious metals] is part of the solution, but it’s not the full solution. So the last few years, I’ve started to focus on a total solution, and that entails more than just the financial part.”


One of the solutions Morgan recommends is simply to protect oneself from a possible economic collapse. He even started another website, where he sells long lasting emergency food.


“Whether or not you believe in the economic system having very important distortions in the future where it might be wise to have some provisions put back or not, it makes sense to have it for an emergency of any type,” Morgan said.


Morgan also believes in the importance of a non-genetically modified, nutritious diet. For this reason, the emergency food he sells is organic and non-GMO.


As for actually correcting the system, Morgan said positive change usually comes, not from the elite, but from the bottom up. He now hosts conferences focused on how people of all ages can help build a more productive and honest future.


Benson said, “I love that he’s focusing on the solutions. I really feel that people are going to respond really well to that. Everyone’s kind of sick of rehashing what’s wrong. People want to know what they can do to make it right. If not only for themselves, but for a better future for their children and grandchildren and humanity.”


About the Author:

Elijah Johnson is the host of the web-channel “Finance and Liberty” ( On Finance and Liberty, Johnson interviews financial authors, analysts and market makers on the state of the U.S. and world economy from angles not covered on the mainstream news.

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