The Physical Gold Buys And The December Churn

The paper beatings continue (as long as they have physicals)…

by  J. Johnson via JS Mineset

Great and Wonderful Last day of November Folks,

      The paper beatings continue (as long as they have physicals) with February Gold down $16.20 with the last trade at $1,771.90 which happened just after the low of $1,767.20 happened, with the high that will be beat in time at $1,793.30. March Silver leads all beatings with its trade at $22.23, down 40.9 cents and recovering from the Low of London at $21.96 with the high at $22.83. The US Dollar continues it’s slow-crawl loss of purchasing power with its Index valued at 91.61, down 19.1 points after hitting a low of 91.535 with the high at 91.77. Of course, all this happened before 5 am pst, the Comex open, the London close, and after a long living Rothschild’s bank in France, was burned down by protestors.

      Venezuelans now have a 17,696.85 Bolivar price for an ounce of Gold proving a 364.55 discount from Friday’s trade with Silver losing 9.988 Bolivar with its last trade at 222.022. Gold in Argentina, now costs 143,498.65 A-Peso’s providing the patient buyer a 2,767.63 discount with Silver buyers getting a 78.40 A-Peso savings with today’s price at 1,800.62. It really doesn’t matter how expensive or cheap the price of precious metals is for the Turkish buyers; they’re soaking it up as fast as they can, with Gold’s last price at 13,730.64, a reduction of 428.18 T-Lira’s since Friday with Silver’s last price at 172.269 T-Lira, a reduction of 9.608.

      Today is the First Notice Day of Decembers precious metals Deliveries with Silver’s Demand Count at 9,447 contracts standing and with a Volume of 571 already up on the board with a trading range between $22.74 and $22.01 with the last buy at $21.16, down 39.3 cents. Friday’s partial trading day for the Christmas Contract had an Open Interest of 16,420 with a Volume of 18,793 with a trading range between $23.505 and $22.325 with the last swap at $22.68, a loss of 68.2 cents. The Algo-mated paper churns inside the December contract caused the OI to drop by only 6,973 contracts, which is almost 3 times the amount of paper swaps vs contracts standing for physical. The Paper Shorts are continuing to leave as another 2,330 contracts left the field of play with this morning tally calculated at 153,413 in Open Interest. Reminder, this OI count is “right now”, not the Comex closing tally.

      December Gold’s First Notice Day Count has a total of 31,861 contracts standing for delivery with a Volume of 1,531 up on the board and a trading range between $1,787.20 and $1,762.30 with the last swap at $1,764.90, down $17 so far today. Friday’s activity inside the December trade, had a total of 69,566 in the Volume column with a trading range between $1,817 and $1,777.70 with the last swap at $1,788.10, a loss of $22.40 that reduced the demand count by 15,182. This is 4 times the Algomated churn to get rid of just over 15k in paper. Gold’s Overall Open Interest is now calculated at 546,097 Overnighter’s willing to go against the physicals proving no “longs” left, as 253 more pieces of paper had to be added in order to provide liquidity during Friday’s partial day.

     The rightful and legal challenges of the election continue, with issues proving there is some hogwash going on in Georgia, as the Judge blocks, then unblocks Georgia from wiping or resetting election machinesMilitary Attorney Sidney Powell claims to have evidence to support that the Dominion and Smartmatic voting machines, had compromised the election in a 104-page complaint filed into the courts. Then Twitter comes out to save us all after they instantly shut down the posting of this legal claim for others who wish to share the report. Now why would they do that and not allow the story to float until it’s proven or disproved by the facts in court?

      Today’s election dispute activity will be found in Arizona, where Trump lawyers Jenna Ellis and Rudy Giuliani will be gathering with Arizonians, to discuss the video evidence of sharpies being passed out by ballot employees, with others removing those sharpie filled ballots because they were illegally filled out, with sharpies, and the unbelievable amount of illegal voting that just showed up in the last hours on Nov 3rd. If one didn’t watch the Pennsylvania hearing and instead believe their favorite TV show host, on a program called “News”, then they may not know the legal arguments being brought up. I have time, and I have watched all the hearings, including the dynamic dual Twitter/Facebook, as they verbally confirmed they were blocking far more conservative voices than their liberal friends, and they willfully admit they share their restrictions with one another. Writing, then imposing algo’s, that block communication, is not a mistake (like they claim) it’s intentional.

      While we wait for these accusations, with written affidavits and in a court of law get played out, the one for real money is still churning in the markets. As mentioned last Friday, there was 4-days of heavy purchasing, close to a Billion Dollars’ worth of buying inside November Gold physicals, while the markets churned the December contracts. One day we’ll see the “why” to all this activity. In the meantime, we acquire more physicals, and hold our Silver and Gold close, and let the markets sweat it out. Have a great day and as always …

Stay Strong!

J. Johnson

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