The Pet Rock Of Pet Rocks! First Gold Coin Struck In The United States Is For Sale, For $15 Million!

Seems like a fire sale compared to the other high-priced items we’ve seen at auction over the years…

(by Half Dollar) Fifteen million bucks?

That seems kind of cheap if you ask me, especially considering some of the things we’ve covered in our Hyperinflation Watch.

Here are a couple recent examples of the absurdity:

So yeah, for less than the price of 8 bottles of some whisky that’s not even one hundred years old, any stacker with $15,000,000 to spare can buy what is arguably THE most valuable coin in all of America.

The coin predates many things in American history, including the Coinage Act of 1792!

Here’s more on this incredible bargain, from Bloomberg:

The Brasher Doubloon, the first gold coin struck in the U.S., is being offered privately at a $15 million asking price, according to numismatic adviser Jeff Sherid. His firm, Los Angeles-based PCAG Inc., is marketing the coin on behalf of a collector he would only identify as a former Wall Street executive.

The doubloon is dated 1787 — 11 years after the Declaration of Independence was signed, the same year the Constitution was written and five years before the federal mint opened in Philadelphia. Metalsmith Ephraim Brasher, George Washington’s next-door neighbor on New York’s Cherry Street, privately minted a small batch of the coins and punched this unique version with his hallmark “EB” on the eagle’s breast. The soon-to-be president almost certainly handled it, according to longtime numismatist John Albanese, founder of Certified Acceptance Corp., a coin-grade verification service.

“If you talk to coin nerds and old-time experts, I’m guessing they’d all say the Brasher Doubloon is the greatest coin ever because of the history,” Albanese said.

We’ll see what the final price is when the coin sells.

Pic of the coin for educational and informational purposes:

Of course, my philosophy is weight over numismatics, especially for humble stackers or smart investors just starting out.

What do you think about the coin and its price?