The Other Side of the Matrix: Economic Secrets and Your Survival in the Next Financial Crisis

matrix red blueA Guest Post Submission by an ex-career banker:

The history of US finance and economy is a complex saga involving multi-generational interchanges in cycles between gold backed currency and fiat currency. There has been a turbulent and ongoing war.
Banksters thrive spectacularly when fiat currencies are in place. If you think gold is suspicious or worthless then the Banksters have done a real job on you.
America is bankrupt. Additionally so is most of Europe and Japan. China’s debt printing is more sizable than the US. Additionally China’s shadow banking debt levels near double official figures to the comparative total percentages of Japan and Italy.
Assets have been rehypothecated to an unbelievable extent. This means that assets have been resold multiple times to numerous owners.  There is a day of reckoning approaching where people who think they have assets (paper) will learn there is nothing there. 


by David Hollands Curran (researcher, freelance writer, published author, ex career banker)


Diluted currency and counterfeiting are indistinguishable (article A – refer to references). When a country resorts to extreme money printing as the US is doing currently there is certain inevitability about the paper currency collapsing.

Economic history is about cyclical booms and busts. Every time paper (fiat) currency collapses people distrust the issuer of the currency. Usually the issuer is a government. However paper currency has not always been issued by governments.

Gold and silver backed currency limits supply printing. But fiat currency is backed by nothing and is therefore able to be printed out of existence. Generally fiat currency can only be sustained with the consent and trust of the people. In the twilight of any country with reserve currency status coercive force is often used to maintain hegemonic control.

Last century the US currency for a time was fully backed by gold. However this was progressively wound down to partial backing and then full removal when Nixon on August 15th 1971 designated the world reserve currency fiat.

The history of US finance and economy is a complex saga involving multigenerational interchanges in cycles between gold backed currency and fiat currency. There has been a turbulent and ongoing war.

Banksters thrive spectacularly when fiat currencies are in place. If you think gold is suspicious or worthless then the Banksters have done a real job on you.

A brief explanation of the recent war thus follows. In 1913 by default (coercion) the US Federal Reserve was created. Unlike the name suggests it is a private and independent institution. It is not controlled or subservient to the US Federal government. The Fed (Reserve) is the preserve of Banksters, elites and other puppet masters.

JP Morgan was instrumental in the establishment of the US Fed. Today the bank which bears his name has been fined many times over and to the extent of multiple billions within the last 5 years. The modus operandi of JP Morgan is to settle fines and continue unperturbed with mastermind scheming.

Never did an economy exclusively have to exist in this mode. Effectively the Federal Reserve constructed an economy based and reliant on ever expansionary debt and interest commitment.

Finance serves Banksters interests within in a revolving money scam. This juggernaut powerfully controls not only the US government but governments all over the world. If you have heard of the New World Order – this is entirely connected.

In a remarkably simple style Mike Maloney describes the Federal Reserve history in his brilliant video series Hidden Secrets of Money available on YouTube.

Now if I counterfeited day and night and if those notes circulated I would be diluting the currency. It would have the effect of causing inflation. Therefore the cost of your purchases (eventually if not immediately) would increase as a consequence of the flooding of worthless dollars into the currency.

Governments rationalise that their counterfeiting activity is legal.

I draw your attention to exhibit (B). On the table you will note that during the years of a gold standard in place annual inflation figures are negative. Imagine living in a reality where the inflation rate over multiple decades is only 3%.



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Clearly there is different source data and interpretation for the above chart and our exhibit (B). Still runaway inflation is strikingly evident when gold backing is eliminated. Note also that monetary metal protection was progressively removed prior to 1971.

War and armament proliferation requires enormous funding. Fiat currencies answer the call with forever expansionary debt creation. The business of war and weaponry explains why the world is incapable of delivering true peace and stability for everyone at any one time.

Think about the reluctance of a leader spending genuine national or personal savings in an effort to defend against war. Contrast this with regimes abundant in debt finance resourcing with antagonistic attitudes vying for the opportunity to apply new warfare capability.


What to Do About the People

I am reading articles daily referring to the sheep and the sheeple (people). I am a sheep and you are a sheep – that’s what the elite think. In their language this is how we are described. When Banksters get away with what they do. They think of themselves as ultra smart and everyone else seriously dumber hence the pejorative – sheep referencing.

There are two kinds of people: winners and losers or alternately winners and sheep. Winners are those worthy of enlightenment and sheep are worthy to be kept in the dark.

You might be thinking but if only we were more positive about the economy everything would be ok. How I wish that were true. Unfortunately the weapon has been fired and all that is left is for the missile to explode.

Under the policy of globalisation America has lost a considerable amount of its industrial production capacity. The juggernaut engine of wealth creation capability has been permanently off-shored. There’s no coming back – courtesy of the Banksters.

Robot technology is and will continue to take over jobs considered safe today and much sooner than you ever imagined. 3D printing is set to revolutionise the production process.

No longer does an elite minority need the blight of mass welfare dependency or millions of low skilled workers needlessly using up finite resources. Sheep let’s face it are an underclass of ‘useless eaters.’ In fact a glorious new scientific horizon shimmers upon the surface of a human burial ground containing the remnant of up to 90% of today’s global population.

Brave New World and 1984 are here but for the final stages.

Under ‘Agenda 21’ and other United Nations platforms people will no longer be permitted to have free access to their country’s open spaces. The very concept of private property and private control exists only in the name of the reining top – less than 1%.

Climate change (formally global warming) policy permits wide-sweeping reform agenda which incrementally displaces landowners. The elite with their mega corporations are near finished achieving their objective of controlling all property, all resources and all production.

My novel Ever Essence presents a world with productive output non reliant on people.

At minimum there are three powerful countries that are capable of controlling the weather and have been for some time in so many ways that you are not aware of. Read the research paper that was presented to the US Air Force in 1996, ‘Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025.’

Weather warfare is the consummate weapon providing plausible deniability. Discover how weather manipulation (geo-engineering) interrupted the Vietnam War. They are well ahead of target and they can further their designs with your carbon tax contributions.

So much is stealth-like in creation accept for the photographic evidence. Concentration camps are built across the face of the USA as well as an elaborate underground network of tunnels and living space infrastructure. You will never receive a golden entry pass.

By stealth billions of dollars have been appropriated for vast secretive projects. Extracting wealth from a living population today intended for an elite minority in the near future.

The text books about the program and about how to bring America to their knees were circulated sparsely throughout last century. The detail and the stages of implementation of the New World Order design were becoming more known by the 1960s. The evidence and who is culpable are on the public record.

Gold is an enemy of fiat currency. Its not that gold does anything deliberately. Gold’s crime (in the eyes of the Bankster & elite controllers) is that it cannot be printed into infinity or be artificially replicated through any techniques like transmuting lead into gold through alchemy.

You will find the Main Stream Media (MSM), economists of the system (this sort of dull luminary is everywhere on television – look for the rapid eye blinking and excessive gulping when they don’t even believe their own messaging), business and economic publications and countless internet sites will talk down gold.

Gold has been referred to by Bernanke as a ‘barbarous relic’ and even went so far to say ‘gold is not money.’


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John Pierpoint Morgan once said, “Money is Gold, and nothing else.”



Are you starting to see the Big Bankster Picture?

It is accepted economic and government strategy, to target annual inflation around the 2% to 3% range per annum. But this means allowing for a 2% increase over a 20 year period, reduces your purchasing power by 40% over this timeframe.

Since when did we ever accept this?

We didn’t. We were born into this. There are not many left from 1913. We simply accept the status quo and believe this is the only system in which we can operate under.

Prices are not going up all the time but the correct interpretation is that the value of your purchasing power is being steadily eroded. By most accounts the 1913 dollar has depreciated 96% to 98% in today’s dollars.

You were born a sheep-slave. One who conforms to a predestined role as a full market participant.  Read Propaganda by Edward L. Bernays written in 1928. I quote the opening paragraph:

‘The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country.’

These strategists of systems and of governance don’t require your awareness to exist or your permission to control you. Our silence and apathy condemn us. We affirm our sheep status in perpetuity until the forces working against us go too far, or enough of us wake up or when it is entirely too late.

Television escalated the power of the propagandist creating our wants and producing consumer desires so successfully that millions became addicted to materialism. An insatiable covetousness bordered on self-idolatry in replacement of a life otherwise filled with purpose and meaning.

You are essentially an indentured and commoditized asset recoded on the Bankster ledger. Sheep enslave themselves into debt financing by purchasing depreciating assets. The sheep-slave can never experience real wealth which can only be derived from true savings.


The Great Unravelling of Protection

Prior to 1971 financial markets were constrained and Banksters were suppressed far more than they could endure. They were frustrated by laws that were in place since the Great Depression designed to protect citizens of the U.S.A.

These measures also provided safety for other countries. The U.S.As coveted reserve control is an essential pillar of their global power. Additionally their responsibility is one of acting as global economic steward.

After the gold standard was removed successive Presidents and administrations wound back protection laws. Congress officials and Senators were all complicit in the decision making. Either they did not know the consequence of their actions, decided upon serving only short term interests or were beholden to a monied hierarchy.

Steadily Banksters became more wielding and aggressive. The global economy became more reliant on debt. The invention of complex financial instruments became the catalysts for creative product packaging which when sold steam-rolled what became a Banksters junket.

Contaminated mortgages became bundled instruments being on-sold with triple ‘A’ accreditation to unsuspecting investors. By the time of the GFC we learned that predatory lending practices had targeted non creditworthy applicants and turned them into temporary homebuyers who were always going to lose their homes when the bubble burst.

We will never likely be able to reconstruct the whole list of crimes or catalogue all the forms of unconscionable conduct.

The derivatives market also sprang to life. Banks began playing casino style gambling. Speculating on the direction of moving markets became a highly remunerative occupation. A trader could bet on a crop loss and make money.

Former illegal trading practice became legitimate, acceptable and even credible. These instruments became the replacement vehicle for stimulating and growing an economy in favour of physical industrial output.

Paper futures markets in commodities became the determinants of value over and above the real commodities. Physical sugar was and is controlled by paper sugar in the derivatives markets. Paper gold trades in the same way.


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Currency Wars and Chinese Gold Trade

After the global financial crisis money printing became the primary response. Propping up insolvent banks concealed many financial crimes. Naturally other countries followed with their own printing policy. Europe, China, Japan and the US among others have been devaluing their currencies at speed.

Currency wars are a consequence of money printing and the next stage of an historical cycle is full-blown war or currency collapse. Commentators compare today with the appearance being substantially like events leading up to WWI as well as the Great Depression.

Countries where food constitutes a higher proportion of household income and expenditure can suffer immediately when fickle markets redistribute wealth on the slightest piece of investment information. The actions of wealthier countries are making life far tougher for people who are poorer across the world.

Within the past fortnight emerging markets have suffered the loss of speculative dollars invested by traders in wealthy nations with money fleeing countries such as Brazil, Indonesia, South Africa and India. Impoverished countries like these must deal with the consequences and mixes of deflation, inflation and or rising interest rates.

For now the West appears immune because our relative wealth provides a greater buffer and also by having a safety net propped up with expansionary debt. The MSM is able to maintain the façade of the western fantasy model – seemingly forever continuing.

Are you aware of the phenomenal and spectacular growth in Chinese gold buying?

Compare the percentage growth year in and year out since 2009. Has the MSM informed you of this? That in 3 of the last 10 trading months China has fully or near (utilised by themselves as a single country) eaten up all of the world monthly gold supply.

At precisely this time when demand for physical gold has never been higher – the price of gold has fallen due to the paper gold market manipulation.


Chart also courtesy of

So why then is gold relevant?

A primary support pillar that maintains US reserve currency status is the widespread belief that the US holds the greatest stockpile of gold for any one country. There is supposed to be 8133 metric tons in safe storage in Fort Knox.

Germany asked for the return (repatriation) of their 300 tons of gold from the US which has been in safe storage for decades. Germany has received the return of only a measly 5 tons of their gold.

The alternative media including those on, and believe that this gold is gone. Fort Knox has not been audited since 1953. It appears no one including the US congress has any authority to open the vault for audit.

It is interesting to note that while centralised gold holdings influence (in addition to military muscle) which country is the privileged world reserve currency it remains a so called ‘barbarous relic.’ The strange Bernanke thinking makes the existence of the Fort Knox gold even more dubious.

Now the sheeple in Western countries should in no way ever consider physical precious metals investments – the MSM would admonish. Apart from the Elite, gold is for the preserve of the East and for regular citizens in China and India.

With the rapid increase in gold accumulation China is looming larger on the international scene. If the vaults in Fort Knox were inspected and found void the global monetary shift would be seismic and instantaneous.
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Bubble, Boil and Trouble

Not only is gold in suppression but in the US the bond market is in a bubble, the stock market is in a bubble and the housing market is in the second bubble inside 7 years. It is unprecedented that all three are simultaneously top heavy.

In order to understand why this has occurred we need to focus on the relationship between these three markets and the impact of the excessive money printing:

  1. The excessive printed (or digitized – electronically transmitted {again see Mike Maloney to understand this}) funds went into the stock market in order to make people feel wealthy. This was an announced Fed strategy. Precisely at the time earnings were flat and companies were folding or retrenching their workforce.
  2. The excessive printed (or digitized) funds were ladled into an expanding bond market. At the very time China and Japan have been selling US treasuries. The US through bond buying have been forced to hold a greater proportion of their own debt.
  3. The housing market has been primed for a version of 2008 – 09 in repetition. In an astounding tragicomedy new homes have been built in areas still reeling from 2008. Creating distortions in the property market all over again.

Where does the printed money go now when emerging market economies are unstable? When bonds, stocks and property are overinflated and when gold (in the west) is despised by the Banksters. Genuine structural rebuilding of America would be perverse given the take-down strategy of the New World Order.

Exhibit (A) anticipates, ‘ultimately we are headed for a complete collapse of the bond markets in Japan and in the United States’ and also, ‘The Fed…desperately want(s) to get out of quantitative easing (the money printing)… but at their current pace (of QE) they are monetizing over 100% of our annual deficits. When they leave, who is going to supplant those bond purchases?’

In the Youtube interview by Greg Hunter on his USA Watchdog (C) Karl Denninger explicitly states that the Fed must absolutely taper. They don’t have a choice.

The Fed is wedged both ways. If they don’t taper QE – the economy will fail. If and when they taper – the US economy will fail. Now the Fed and government masters generally cover their tracks. An admission that they have created the most catastrophic worldwide economic disaster is as unlikely as the event triggering in some form eventually is absolute.

Here is the rub with item (D). The Fed, the US government and the Bankster syndicate cannot allow any potential banking whistleblower make the surface of daylight. This article describes the beyond Hollywood blockbuster – level of Wall Street surveillance in existence.

Even if a whistleblower could make it from the lift to the pavement they certainly would not get to the subway or onto any bridge in time to exit Manhattan Island.

There is abounding evidence of market manipulation at every level within the US banking sphere. The reports of US funding cartels inside many countries designed to gain control over these nations’ assets should no longer be ignored.

The US has been fully taken over at the highest levels by a Bankster criminal regime and beyond that an elite 1% which tells governments what to do. Standard free market capitalism was supplanted decades ago with Bankster Cronyism.

This is why the left and right political paradigm exists only to provide political theatre and an illusory democratic veil in order for the sheeple to feel a pitiful sense of empowered.

For those who have read the books, followed the enacted legislation, know what the New World Agenda entails and how near twelfth hour the full implementation of the strategy is. There is a dire sense of time running out.

There are over 1.4 quadrillion dollars in derivatives that are also considered assets on bank balance sheets. A quadrillion has 15 zeros. A quadrillion is a thousand trillion. It is almost unfathomable – let alone anyone having a capacity to repay it. The size of the debt and the number of bubbles in the global financial system ensures that the US debt can never be repaid.

Here is a graph presented in a Forbes article: ‘Risk Is Back: America’s Big Banks Are Knee-Deep In Derivatives.’ Note the exposure to the banks and the capitalization behind them. The alarming percentages in the final column show the cracking eggshell like substance backing these banks as well as the whole integrated financial system.

The chart beside starts with gold on the base of the inverse pyramid. It is a representation of the size and value of each segment. Gold and silver are a liquid store of value. In a hyper-inflationary environment gold always holds value while paper assets can become worthless. Each band layer above represents a more risky investment. Derivatives are paper assets which are caught up in the complexity of contaminated third party debt. Note the blue band derivative size to gold/silver. The framework of real money (gold) supports an unsustainable burden of monstrous debt.

SOURCE: OCC (above)


America is bankrupt. Additionally so is most of Europe and Japan. China’s debt printing is more sizable than the US. Additionally China’s shadow banking debt levels near double official figures to the comparative total percentages of Japan and Italy.

Assets have been rehypothecated to an unbelievable extent. This means that assets have been resold multiple times to numerous owners. There is a day of reckoning approaching where people who think they have assets will learn there is nothing there. Paper or digital instruments are assets which are subject to counterparty risk (third party ownership).

This is a photo shot from the television playing the Max Keiser Report (E567) from YouTube quoting There is clearly something perverse about the system. An 80% return on junk rated Greek bonds screams out that insane distortions exist in the markets. It also signals to me that certain forces want the fun-fest to continue for just a little bit longer.


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If you happen to have exposure in derivatives, regaining your money from the knotted mess of asset ownership will not be worth any hair-splitting sorting or sifting either for cents on the dollar simply because the assets will likely have disappeared.

Bail-ins of the sort where money was confiscated from regular citizens’ bank accounts in Cyprus in 2013 has been legislated for readiness in many other countries.


‘I’ve stressed many times to get money out of the banking system and pension system.  Country after country are planning to introduce bail-ins and forced savings systems.’

Egon von Greyerz, founder of Matterhorn Asset Management, Switzerland.

I am not advocating you run out the door to follow the advice of Egon von Greyertz and others. But you do need to be far more financially savvy in order to survive the next economic crisis. So do the people you care about.

This means you taking a more participatory role in satisfying yourself about your own decision making and your consequent choices rather than simply trusting others. If the game is about to change substantially so do we – not reactively but ahead of time. This time is not tomorrow – it is now.

I have lost count the number of articles that are anticipating a collapse in the US dollar upwards of between 50% to 70%. Any percentage fall in the US dollar will impact other markets and other currencies. Understand the game changing nature of this discussion.

When countries go broke they look for renewed sources of funding. The world is an integrated political and financial structure. Australia did not trigger any war or depression. Still we became involved sometimes as fast as a telephone call.

Australia looks like about the only financially strong country currently. But the ending of the vehicle manufacture industry and the continued off-shoring of jobs (Telstra and Qantas) evokes grave concern. Hold on to your hat.

With a polluted – debt loaded, derivatives, and rehypothecated market system it is worthwhile appreciating that real unencumbered assets will be all the more valuable when the implosion finally occurs.



Your farm, your industrial shed, your home, your cabbage patch, your goat and your tinnie are yours. Let’s hope you can protect these assets should law and order fail. No doubt one could effectively attempt to eloquently apply reason or masterfully quip witticisms as protection strategy against weapons carrying marauding hordes.

Somehow more recently we have been convinced that good citizens with self protection capability are an evil. Bizarrely defencelessness is considered good for you and society.

We assume that state protection, a remunerated and organised police force and fuel for transportation will always exist. Fuel pumps and water pumps require electricity to operate. Ironically a near future may be reliant on nineteenth century tools and manually operated machinery for survival.

Watch Britain Blackout 2013 and American Blackout 2013 on YouTube and you will glean some insight into how lifetime law abiding citizens become killers under stress and in desperation trying to acquire life’s essentials for their loved ones.

Being able to survive psychologically in a world (for whatever duration) without electricity, electronic forms of entertainment and communication will be necessary. People, their skills and their level of preparedness in your immediate vicinity will determine whether your environment will be stable or hellish.

Severe droughts already in California, Brazil and Australia are going to impact worldwide food prices even further. The fall in aquifers are impacting wealthy countries already. Water crises increasingly will trigger water wars.


The Final Solution

It is widely considered that the US has fallen under fascist control. This is when corporatism (big business) combines or takes over control of government.

The events of September 11 provided the opportunity for the Banksters and the elites an inordinate wind back of individual freedoms together with a thorough going dismissal of the United States Constitution.

Many are anticipating a red flag event. That is a staged terrorist threat on US soil designed to shock a slumbering population to enrage behind a retaliatory warlike resolve against a fabricated (of the government) enemy.

September 11, and the Boston bombings are said to be precursor red flag events. Practise runs in effect – for one which may even involve nuclear detonation on homeland soil. Obama has sacked over 200 senior military personnel in the last 12 months. Allegedly they were removed for not complying with his directives seen as being unconstitutional and damaging to the national interest by the sacked personnel.

Departmental evidence confirms Washington D.C. has invited and made arrangements to allow Russian troops on the ground in the US given certain occurrences.

Meanwhile US government agencies have issued public warnings to expect terrorist attacks. Which could also be government created red flag events: a blackout of internet services, a failure of national electronic banking systems or even a cut to the entire electricity grid.

If and when any of these events occur it is understandable that government will apply a heavy hand in order to maintain or restore law and order at least for a time. But realise there are forces that benefit when others are in disarray. Confusion and turmoil can provoke situations and outcomes unimaginable today.

Americans are under siege. The source of the greatest threat is stemming from the US government itself. Anti-terrorism laws are now being waged against any threat to the vice like grip of the Democrat-Republican establishment.

Roughly 10% of the American population are aware of the matrix they are living inside. More people need to be awakened and rapidly if there is any chance of reversing the all encompassing evil.

Jim Willie CB is a statistical analyst in marketing research and retail forecasting. He also holds a PhD in Statistics. Of fame he connects the dots explaining the distortions not only statistically but also identifying overall patterns. When viewing these collectively an even more disturbing picture emerges:

the ‘…revelation of the multi-faceted Fascist projects related to corn syrup sugar lacing, genetically modified foods to enter human chromosome systems, chemtrail toxic sprays, the Halliburton sabotage of the Gulf of Mexico, the frequent usage of HAARP in weather wars, or the radiation of the Pacific Coast.’

The bulk of the population seemingly are aware of isolated negative consequences such as those mentioned above and others besides. But are incapable of thinking holistically about the meaning of what these constitute.  Let alone begin to effect change. Others are so overwhelmed they respond in a manner described as cognitive dissonance.

While people die in Egypt, in Syria and in the Ukraine we hope that our economy will recover and our lives restore. But Egypt, Syria and the Ukraine and everything else stated above are symptomatic. They are alarm bells sounding how global money always takes on a deadly geopolitical demeanour.

Public distrust increases when the official rhetoric betrays sentiment on the ground. Authority erodes with each revelation of government intrigue. We reach a tipping point where government becomes unrepresentative to the needs of the people and entirely illegitimate.

There Is Still Hope

When you see the face of Satan through the unravelling of gross deception it is like arriving on the other side of the matrix.

Now that we know where we are we need to inform others. It is incumbent that we save our souls. Because the perpetration of evil is in so many hands and theirs are hearts blackened with the worst kinds of sin.

After greater learning very recently in the spiritual sphere my fear has turned to calm. Join me in this process and lift yourself higher in the direction away from earthliness.

Salvation is in your hands for you must first seek God.



ü  I am not recommending necessarily you purchase particular assets or you switch around any investments but be aware of bail-ins and proposals which effect superannuation.

ü  Do your own research and recognize the main stream media is not your friend when it comes to truth with regard to your money.

ü  Don’t be a victim of television misinformation or the withholding of information which affects you. Sport / cooking shows / singing contests are not helping you gain knowledge or develop new skills. Television, popular music, movies, advertising – handle with care. These are proven forms of mind control weaponry.

ü  Purchase a HDMI cable (Dick Smith or other electronics store) and attach one end to your computer and the other end with the TV. Educate yourself with YouTube. At the very least you will be able to watch documentaries and news from all over the world.

ü  Discover Gerald Cilente, Max Keiser & Alex Jones. Your economic understanding will increase rapidly.

ü  Search for finance resources that you trust and believe. Sites I read daily include: King World News Daily / Silver Doctors / Zero Hedge. Greg Hunter’s USA Watchdog has the best interviewees. Eventually you will find your favourites.

ü  Research topics you may not have known about till now: FEMA camps, HAARP, Benghazi, ChemTrails, Fukushima effects on California, Georgia guide stones, DARPA

ü  Recognize the world is rapidly changing and increasingly becoming more unstable. Understand changes in other countries, such as the US, arrive here often quickly – and may be done very quietly.

ü  Group together with other people and share your discoveries. As individuals we can miss big events or fail to see why an event relates directly to our hip pocket.

ü  Have a supply of food and water. Preferably three month’s worth.

ü  Consider what other skills you have or what you need to learn now if our world changes suddenly. Develop a back-up plan.

ü  Get to know your neighbours. You can help them and they can help you when relatives are far away or for when they are unable to reach you.

ü  Place one foot into your future life where you are more independent thinking, resourceful and the source of help to others. Be the person who has found vital information sooner than others within your sphere of influence. Your knowledge will enable you to anticipate events before they unfold.

ü  Share this resource. Improve it. Give me feedback please.

ü  Read your Bible or the Quran or the religious texts of your faith. Connect your spirit with the Divine by whatever means that provides you with solace and a pathway to a clear direction. Discover the power of prayer. Learn to live a spiritual life instead of one tied to earthly pursuits. The preparation of our souls is priority.




(A)  This Will Cause Panic, Break Down & Then Complete Chaos – KWN article February 20, 2014 interviewing Michael Pento, founder of Pento Portfolio Strategies.

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