The New Girl Meets Her Pimp (Or, Gold & Silver Will Love AOC & Powell’s First Live Performance)

SD Midweek Update: Move over WWE. We get to feast our eyes on a whole new level of entertainment, and gold & silver are gonna love it! Here’s why…

UPDATE: The markets and the economy must be beyond fragile at this point because AOC was nowhere to be found during Powell’s testimony before the House Financial Services Committee.





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To the hookers.

And the pimps out there.

I mean, they take great risks.

To offer a service demanded by the public.

Whereas nobody is asking that their money be debased.

Which is what AOC & Powell are doing to our money.

Nonetheless, it all kicks off around 10:00 a.m. EST.

Fed Head Jerome Powell goes to congress.

For his bi-annual House testimony.

Why will gold & silver love it?

Because it’s win-win.

No matter what.


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who, aside from having no clue, but apart from having big teeth and crazy eyes, just happens to be on the House Finance Committee, and she wants to steal everything from everybody and give it to her friends.

She’s gonna need Powell to put that film into production.

Luckily for her, she gets to meet him today, and this may be her big break.

And there are only two things that can protect against what’s coming to the US: Gold & silver.

OK, “Hey Half Dollar, what about land. It’s not like they can just go into a bank account and remove an actual farm!”.

Good point.

But not the right one.

Land & real estate are risky.

The government can tax it into oblivion, then confiscate it when you can’t afford the taxes, assuming the government is nice.

If the government does not act kindly, they will just physically remove you from your land, dead or otherwise.

But “lost” gold & silver that a corrupt-immoral-unethical-Treasonous-dirty-evil government can’t find?

When they come to steal everything, gold & silver are your ultimate last resort.

OK, “Hey Half Dollar, what about Bitcoin?”.



Joke, right?

BItcoin fails to meet several of the properties needed for Bitcoin to be money.

I would destroy the most giddy Bitcoin pumper, or anybody for that matter, in a Bitcoin debate.

Again, there are only two things that can protect you from what’s coming: Gold & silver.

OK, “Hey Half Dollar, what about Powell because you said it was win-win?”.

Gold & silver are going up in price no matter what Powell does or says.

Sure, it may not be today when that happens, but it will happen.

Here’s the bottom line: Gold & silver are inflation hedges.

And what if there happens to be deflation?

Paper assets drop more in real value.

Gold & silver gain in real value.

And if we get stagflation?

Best of both worlds.

So win-win-win.

Powell or not.

AOC or not.

We win.

The Heartbeat of America Index hit its 200-day moving average as I said it would:

They will crash the Russell 2000 and the other major US indices when they think they have their timing correct.

What exactly are the Deep State and globalists trying to time?

Max economic & financial pain into the 2020 elections.

Don’t worry, we’ll know when they pull the plug.

‘Cause it’s gonna be shock-n-awe baby!

The VIX is still unconscious from taking a tranquilizer dart to the face:

The VIX is also one of the easiest things to manipulate when you know the formula and have unlimited money.

Yield on the 10-Year Note will start falling again as the stock market drops:

Yield never once fell for this phony stock market rally.

I still think the US dollar is about to rollover:

I’m also starting to think that with the rest of the world tiring of endless US aggression, that when the dollar rolls over, it may fall even faster this time.

Copper is setting-up to do battle at the psychologically important level of $3.00:

Copper’s technicals are looking “overbought”, but then again, we will soon see a golden cross on the daily chart.

I’ve been saying the next major move in copper is higher, and we are seeing that play out right now.

Crude oil, however, needs to get moving if it is going to complete the inverse head-n-shoulders pattern:

Crude oil is about to get very, very interesting too.

How so?

Well, check out this Tweet from Monday:

Why does that Tweet matter?

President Trump, even this year, has been saying that cheap gas prices are a “tax cut”:

That said, assuming President Trump is The Fall Guy, which I assume, well then.

Can’t bring Max Pain to America unless everybody feels it at the pump!

So that is exactly what we’re going to get – higher gas prices.

And President Trump will organically get less votes.

So even if the election isn’t outright stolen.

Then the President loses naturally.

The Red Hats will be shocked.

Because they don’t get it.

What don’t they get?

It’s all by design.


Platinum is up nearly 12% from the Valentine’s Day low:

Platinum hasn’t broke through $870 – $875 resistance, but I think platinum will break through before the pullback.

We’ll see.

Palladium is still of fire:

Consolidations in palladium have been limited to mere days.

Gold has been kept under severe wraps:

But then again, when you design your algorithm around controlling the gold price, it’s not hard to do.

Of course, there is this pesky little thorn in the cartel’s side also known as “gold”.

And believe it or not, gold is actually a thing.

You can’t just print gold.


Silver looks like it wants to break to the upside again:

I think we break to the upside and put in another higher-high to go along with the new higher-low.

And the gold-to-silver ratio is still too kind:

People learning-about and then acting-on the gold-to-silver ratio arbitrage play will be rewarded.

What is the bottom line as we find ourselves, fittingly, on this awkward Hump Day?

Move over Trump and the WWE because it’s after-hours entertainment now.

New girl is in the brothel and about to meet her pimp for the first time.

He may be an old pro, but he may not able to handle her.

She may be exotic, but her skills are unknown.

Either way, it’s a whole new level of show.

And gold & silver have seen it before.

They’ve seen it many times.

There’s nothing new.

Under the sun.


Stack accordingly…

– Half Dollar


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