The Macro Conditions Ripe For A Nice Gold Run Higher Over The Next Couple Of Weeks

John Rubino says with the fundamentals strong, if the technicals shore-up in our favor, gold could be set-up for a really nice run. Here’s the details…

John Rubino interviewed on Reluctant Preppers

Today’s markets are riding one of the longest and most manipulated economic expansions in history. As this unnatural expansion staggers to a close, desperate governments around the world will be compelled to deploy extreme stimulus measures – while central banks will be scrambling to contain inflation at any cost. The fallout of the coming collision of the powers that be will most likely devastate what is left of the middle class and ordinary families.

John Rubino, co-author with GoldMoney’s James Turk of The Coming Collapse of the Dollar, and founder of, returns to Reluctant Preppers to outline in his characteristically perceptive way the road ahead, and what responsible people need to know to make ready for what is coming. Don’t miss it.