The Longer The Base The Higher In Space: Putting Gold & Silver’s Trading Range In Perspective

Gold & silver have been range bound for what seems like forever, but that just means the upside potential is that much higher. Here’s the details…

David Moadel interviewed by Rory Hall on The Daily Coin

David Moadel, Chief Researcher for Bond and Gold Markets, Portfolio Wealth Global, stopped by to discuss what had happened at the beginning of the week as China began this new venture with the oil futures contacts priced in yuan. This, naturally, rolled into the other areas the oil market would touch upon, like the broader base of commodities such as gold and silver. With gold being money and insurance against the wealth transfer that has been underway for more than 100 years now, it seems the need for people to hold gold and silver has never been stronger. Now is the time to “get the gold and get the silver”.