The LARGEST Gold Nugget In America!

Gold is one of the rarest elements on Earth. Finding just a few grains of it is very difficult…

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Three of the Largest gold nuggets in the US
Gold is one of the rarest elements on Earth. Finding a few grains of it is
very difficult. However, sometimes, lucky miners find huge gold nuggets
that weigh several kilograms. In this short article, I will tell you about three
of the largest gold nuggets that were discovered in the US.
Alaska Centennial Nugget
The Centennial Gold is the largest nugget found in Alaska, it weighs 9.14
Kilograms (or 294.10 troy ounces). It was discovered in 1998 by Barry Clay
near Ruby, Alaska. It was named that way because it was found 100 years
after the Klondike Gold Rush. This shows that gold is always there waiting
for a smart lucky miner to find it. The rising gold prices should bring more
interest in gold mining. Easy to find gold was more common in the past. However,
we now have access to modern equipment such as electronic gold sensors, bulldozers, excavators…
These tools should make things easier and faster.
Barry Clay discovered this massive nugget when he was pushing dirt with
his bulldozer along the Swift Creek. He found the largest gold nugget ever
found in Alaska inside the worthless pile of dirt he was pushing.
Fricot Nugget
The Fricot Nugget is believed to be the largest surviving gold nugget from
the gold rush era. It was discovered in California in 1865 by William Russell
Davis. This nugget weighs a whopping 201 troy ounces (6.2518 kg). It was
buried 200 feet below the ground with other smaller nuggets that weigh, in total, 200 ounces.
After its discovery, this huge nugget was exhibited in many places around
the world notably the Paris exposition in 1878. The Fricot Nugget is in the
California State Mining and Mineral Museum in Mariposa.
In 2012, A group of men dressed in black and armed with pick-axes broke
into the museum. They stole more than $1 million worth of gold and gems.
They tried to steal the Fricot nugget but they failed. The five men were
arrested a few days later.
The Mojave Nugget
The Mojave nugget weighs 156 troy ounces (4.9 kg). It was discovered by
the 66-years-old Ty Paulsen in 1978, near Randsburg California. Ty sold it
for an undisclosed price. Experts estimate that it is worth 250,000 $. The
owner generously donated it to the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County where
it is displayed for the public.  Some mistakenly think that the Mojave nugget is the largest one
discovered in California. But this is not true. The Fricot nugget is significantly larger.
20 million dollar worth of gold was unearthed from Randsburg from 1895
until the Second World War. Ty invested some of the money he got
from selling his nugget in buying a camper. He went back to
Randsburg looking for more nuggets.
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