The King of the ‘Money’ System has ONE more Move!

1No matter how many paper shorts have been piled onto Gold to suppress it price since 2011, including the latest COT report, no matter if all hope is gone; the true king of the world money system has one more move and it’s coming BEFORE summer, June 21, 2015!



Submitted by Bo Polny:

While in Singapore on March 19, 2015 and then a week later in Honk Kong on March 24, 2015, we included the slide below in our presentation titled “2015 The Year the Devastation Begins!”


The slide from March 19 & 24, 2015 states three points:


  1. Gold & Silver Bull Market Breakouts starting now (end of March 2015) and before summer!
  2. US Dollar top arrived March 16, 2015, continued weakness into end of April with a ‘breathtaking’ CRASH before summer!
  3. Devastating World Stock Market CRASH starting in 2015 & ending in 2016!


Presently, above items #1 and #2 are in play into summer, June 21, 2015; as the shorts scramble to cover now that Silver’s 4-year bullish triangle broke May 18, 2015.



While analysts continue to call for $1000 Gold since the November 2014 low at $1130, it has never arrived!


In November 2014 we did 2 interviews, the first with Jim Puplava of Financial Sense Newshour (LINK to verify) and the second with Kerry Lutz of Financial Survival Network and in both interview (LINK to verify) we stated ‘Gold made a critical bottom in November and a new up cycle has begun’.

We called that bottom and stand by our call for a Gold bull market breakout before summer.


In May of 2014 while in New York we were interviewed by KITCO (LINK to verify) where we made a forecast for $2000 Gold.  The time is nigh to make your final purchases; yet most of the world will not listen.


The world does not yet see; but cycle analysis indicates Gold has one move in the 2015 world monetary system despite the recent bearish COT report.  Gold remains in a 21-year Bull Market, excitement is coming and our Gold INDEX will provide precise timing into the 2015 top, visit


All the best,

Bo Polny

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