The Impact On Investor Psychology: Is $2000 Gold A New Paradigm?

What is the impact on the people’s views of money?

Gerald Celente interviewed by Patrick V on SBTV

SBTV spoke with Gerald Celente, Founder of the Trends Research Institute, as we discuss the coming trends in gold, silver and where the world is heading towards in the months ahead.

Discussed in this interview:
01:56 Impact of $2,000 gold on people’s views of money
05:49 What could end this gold bull market
08:34 The Greatest Depression has begun
12:43 Pain on Main Street
15:45 Is the vaccine the answer to return normalcy to the world?
20:13 How likely is hyperinflation at this stage?
24:20 Start preparing for the worst
26:33 This will be the fight of our lives