The Great Modern Depression 2015 – 2016

The most money is made when fast moves and extreme fluctuations occur at the END of major cycles.
A MAJOR move is coming in gold and silver BEFORE SUMMER, ahead of the Devastating World Stock Market CRASH starting in 2015 & ending in 2016!


Submitted by Bo Polny:

While in Singapore on March 19, 2015 and then a week later in Honk Kong on March 24, 2015, we included the slide below in our presentation titled “2015 The Year the Devastation Begins!”



The slide from March 19 & 24, 2015 states three points:


  1. Gold & Silver Bull Market Breakouts starting now (end of March 2015) and before summer!
  2. US Dollar top arrived March 16, 2015, continued weakness into end of April with a ‘breathtaking’ CRASH before summer!
  3. Devastating World Stock Market CRASH starting in 2015 & ending in 2016!


Next, if you had a chance to read our post on from March 27, 2015 titled, ‘BREATHTAKING Crash in USD Before Summer?’ (LINK to verify)  Here we also posted one additional slide from our Singapore and Honk Kong presentations in which we outlined six prior important successful forecasts; take notice of items #5 (Gold) and #6 (US dollar) as both reference our most recent forecast in LINK above, see slide below:


  1. Gold 2011 top at $1900
  2. Silver 2011 top at $49
  3. Gold 2013 June Bottom at $1178
  4. Gold November 2014 Bottom at $1130
  5. Gold March 2015 Bottom at $1145 – Last Week! (published on March 19 & 24, 2015)
  6. USD March 16, 2015 Top at 100.00 – Last Week! (published on March 19 & 24, 2015)



At the time of the presentations, March 19 & 24, 2015, Gold made a cycle low at $1142; while the US Dollar a cycle high at 100.71.  Points #5 (Gold) and #6 (USD) above state the US dollar was expected to have topped and Gold was expected to have made a final low for 2015.


Did both events occur as forecast?


Since that March critical cycle turning point, the US dollar has dropped from 100.71 all the way down to 93.96, a 6.75 drop; while Gold has risen from $1141 to a cycle high of $1224, an $83 rise.  The cycle turn in March ended up being exact.



US Dollar


Next let’s go back in time a few year, remember April 29, 2011 when Silver was at $49 and most analysts were calling for much higher prices?  It never came!  Why?  Because the cycle ended on May 1, 2011 and TIME was up and we sold our Silver!  The same was true for the USD on March 16, 2015 when it traded to a cycle high of 100.71 and went no higher.  Why?  The up cycle was expected to end on March 16, 2015 and it did on that exact day!  Again, TIME was up and the NEW down cycle was set to begin.


Going back to the first slide referenced above, point #2 states…


US Dollar top arrived March 16, 2015, continued weakness into end of April with a ‘breathtaking’ CRASH before summer!


Per the forecast, ‘continued weakness into the end of April’ has already come to pass and NEXT expect a ‘breathtaking’ CRASH before summer, as referenced above!



Stock Market


Do not forget our post on from April 29, 2015 titled ‘Is a Hong Kong Stock CRASH the Trigger Gold and Silver Need?’ (LINK to verify)  We posted a chart comparing the Honk Kong HSI Index cycle to the 2011 Silver Cycle illustrating a near perfect cycle pattern match and therefore a possible 5-consecutive day drop was likely on the HSI Index.  We stated… ‘being LONG the Hong Kong stock market is extremely dangerous starting tomorrow April 30, 2015 and into early May 2015!’


The daily cycle count from the chart in the LINK above indicated the HSI Index was expected to drop for 5-days consecutive starting on April 30, 2015.  Did the HSI drop as expected?  On the day of the post (April 29), the HSI Index closed at 28,400 and for exactly 5-trading days starting April 30, 2015 the HSI Index dropped and on the fifth day the HSI Index closed at 27,289.97; dropping exactly 1,110 points.  Regardless of price or percentage drop, when the 5-day cycle ended the price was expected to reverse and it did exactly on May 8, 2015 by closing up 287 point at 27,577.34.  That same day the US DOW closed up over 260 points at 18,191.


Going forward, what should we now expect from the Stock Markets?


Let’s go back to the first slide referenced above, point #3 states…


Devastating World Stock Market CRASH starting in 2015 & ending in 2016!


So expect a stock market CRASH to start in 2015; however before the multi-year down cycle begins, expect one final price rally up into the 19,000 – 20,000 range on the US DOW for a final TOP!  The precise time point for the coming final market TOP we have made available in our new 2015-2016 STOCK MARKET INDEX for those interested in the TIMING the coming crash cycle into the 2016 devastating low.


In regards to September 2015 and the 7-year Shemitah cycle (Elul 29, September 13, 2015) that has the many in the world concerned about a stock market CRASH; first one must become familiar with the difference between a Sabbatical Year and a Year of Jubilee as the Stock Market CRASH will be directly related to both.


A Sabbatical Year, which is observed every seventh year (Exodus 23:11; Leviticus 25:20; Deuteronomy 15:9; Nehemiah. 10:31) is also known as the “Year of Release,” because farming as well as debt payments were released (discontinued) for the year (Deuteronomy 15:1-2; 31:10).


The Year of Jubilee begins by adding together seven cycles of seven years, we count a total of 49 years. Therefore, the year of Jubilee is the 50th year as noted by the following verses… “You are also to count off seven Sabbaths of years for yourself, seven times seven years, so that you have the time of the seven Sabbaths of years, namely, forty-nine years. You shall thus consecrate the fiftieth year and proclaim a release through the land to all its inhabitants. It shall be a jubilee for you…” Leviticus. 25:8-10.


So what should we expect for September 2015?


The September 2015 Shemitah will disappoint those expecting a crash; however the Jubilee Year will not and will create a modern day Depression in 2016 lasting years!  Our new 2015-2016 STOCK MARKET INDEX was created to provide TIMING first into the final 2015 top, TIMING the Jubilee break point and lastly TIMING into the 2016 bottom.  The index is available at  When the stock market goes, so too will Real Estate burst for the second time in the US and also in London, Asia, Australia, Canada and a most of the world!


To better understand why a depressionary cycle low and crash is coming in 2016, take a few minutes to read our post on from October 28, 2014 titled ‘The 252 Year Stock Market Blackjack 21 Recession/Depression CYCLE!’  (LINK HERE TO READ)  This specific cycle goes back an amazing 251 years starting with the Currency act of 1764 and every 21-years since the cycle began there has been a recession or depression and the cycle remains UNBROKEN!



Gold and Silver


Going back to the first slide referenced above; let’s finish with Gold and Silver, point #1 states…


Gold & Silver Bull Market Breakouts starting now (end of March 2015) into and before summer!


In November 2014 we did 2 interviews, the first with Jim Puplava of Financial Sense Newshour (LINK to verify) and the second with Kerry Lutz of Financial Survival Network and in both interview (LINK to verify) we stated ‘Gold made a critical bottom in November and a new up cycle has begun’.



This forecast of a critical bottom has held UNBROKEN for 6-months and calls for Gold & Silver Bull Market Breakouts before summer.  Before summer is not far away!  Both Gold and Silver have a great deal of work to do in a short period of time and if TIMING the price movement into summer is important to you, consider our Gold INDEX.


In closing, the words of great WD Gann with regards to cycles…The most money is made when fast moves and extreme fluctuations occur at the END of major cycles.”  Since 2011, both Gold and Silver have been in a multi-year major corrective Bear Market cycle decline and this cycle came to an END November 6, 2014 at $1130 as stated in our 2 interviews in November 2014; so according to Gann, the most money is about to be made with fast moves and extreme fluctuation!


Don’t miss the coming excitement.  We leave you with this final slide defining a Bullish Descending Triangle and a 4-year Silver chart dated May 8, 2015.   ‘Before summer’ is coming and our GOLD INDEX available at will help provide you with TIMING into the 2015 top, as the shorts scramble to cover!

All the best,

Bo Polny

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