The Gold Majors Don’t Have The Talent To Explore For Gold And Find New Projects

Problems in gold mining: Talent has left the industry because of the lay-off cycles, and it is affecting the gold miners’ ability to find gold. Here’s more…

Brent Cook interviewed on Palisade Radio

Brent discusses the Beaver Creek Mining Conference which occurred recently in Colorado, and why its one of the best venue’s for up and coming resource plays in the industry. He is finding that large mining companies are increasingly eager and even desperate to get involved in early-stage development projects. Companies are mining more gold than they are discovering and they want to stay in the game.

Brent is well traveled and has explored ore belts around the world. If the major mining companies are willing to put their money in a region, his team will likely be okay with the jurisdiction. Their primary goal is to identify a solid team and project early on and help quickly take it to the point of acquisition. It needs to be district scale and economic, and lastly, the management needs to have an excellent knowledge base.

On the whole, the junior mining and exploration sector has been dismal this year. However, good projects are still able to raise money, and this is coming from the majors. It’s easier for these big companies to invest in smaller companies than to try and develop resources themselves.

He provides several examples of exploration projects that they look for; one in Chile, Mexico, and Siberia.

He feels that gold is in a bottoming process and that it will slowly rise over the next two years.

It’s essential to follow companies your invested with and keep an eye out for potential fatal flaws. If you can anticipate these before the market, you have a good advantage.