Bill Murphy: The Gold Cartel Is Running Into Trouble

Their scheme finally appears to be on the ropes…

by Chris Marcus via Arcadia Economics

The #Gold Cartel Is Running Into Trouble – #GATA Presentation at the New Orleans Investment Conference

For anyone who’s been studying the #preciousmetals markets for any period of time, it’s hard to reconcile the price action without factoring in the impact of the unbacked paper short-selling in the markets.

And while there are many who have been hesitant to speak up about what they’re seeing, there are two particular individuals who are perhaps more responsible for the truth emerging than almost anyone else out there.

Which of course would be #BillMurphy and #ChrisPowell of GATA, the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee. Who made a presentation at this year’s New Orleans Investment Conference and talked about why they think the gold cartel is running into trouble. And how their scheme finally appears to be on the ropes.

So to find out more from these two legends of the gold industry, click to watch the interview now!