The FUTURE Of Gold In A CRISIS! Why Are Millions Of People Buying Gold?

As the entire world destabilizes, there’s a HUGE MOVE out of the dollar and INTO GOLD…

Rana Vig with Josh Sigurdson via World Alternative Media

Josh Sigurdson talks with Rana Vig, Founder of Blue Lagoon Resources, a gold mining company with huge operations on the horizon.

Mr. Vig talks about the huge move out of the dollar into gold as the entire world destabilizes. We see chaos on the streets, we see global lockdowns, we see homelessness skyrocket as both the economy and the stock market face extreme uncertainty. What can the history of gold and silver as wealth insurance tell us about the future move towards said assets?

From what makes gold a good wealth insurance to the investment side of gold mining companies, Rana Vig explains in detail why we’re seeing such a huge shift take place today.

With Blue Lagoon Resources’ new mining project “Dome Mountain,” a lot of people are talking about the potential for the company and the incredible amount of possibly unexplored gold veins under the ground at the site.